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Brain Fog, I need some ideas on getting help...

I've had "brain fog" for about 12 years or so (I'm 30).  I just don't know what to do about it, because it doesn't seem to get worse (it does during certain times).  I've tried seeing GPs for it, but they assume it's simply depression, put me on cocktails of drugs, and it never changes at all.  I'll make a list of some of the things that I've tried, and maybe someone else can chime in with some direction.

- Multivitamins (obviously this was my first idea...more specificaly B vitamins)

- Cut out caffeine

- Cut out fast foods

- I thought it may be Celiacs, since that's a major symptom, and the gluten free diet seemed to actually help, but then it sort of came back.  I chalked it up to a dietary change, so this is the best piece of info I have that proves I'm not just crazy.

Here's some of my physical and environmental changes over this time frame...

-Went from 125lbs to about 175lbs (I'm at this weight now)

-Moved to a new apartment, but the symptom had already started before this.

-No medications at all throughout any of this excluding what the doctors tried after assuming I was depressed from the symptom

-Glucose levels are seemingly perfect (about 85-90 mg/dL during a fast, below 110 mg/dL 2 hours after eating...including carbs)

Now there's one time it seems to get EXTREMELY worse: after I eat a ton of carbs (pastas, pizza, rolls..etc).  It gets so bad that I can barely talk to anyone around me, and I literally can't do the most simple task (like driving).  My short-term memory is barely existent (it hasn't got worse, but it's been bad for years), and if I don't write everything down it just never gets done.  In short, this is absolutely crippling.  I do also have some mild depression (but who doesn't?) if that's relevant.

I haven't found a doctor that's willing to try anything besides a cocktail of medicines for mental illness (I'm really not crazy... no mood swings, or anything like that).  Most other communities online suggest I put crystals under my mattress and use peta-approved detoxing ear candles.  So I'm fairly lost atm, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :D
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Is there some reason you aren't on a permanent low carb diet?  It seems like you've narrowed the problem down to carb overload - which according to this link can indeed cause brain fog - why not give this a try for 6 months?

Or even a complete wheat-free diet,  as hard as that sounds,  might completely eliminate your problem.

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I went on a Celiac diet for months.  It helped at first (seemingly), but then it sort of came back.  Celiac diet is a diet without any wheat at all (actually gluten, but I don't think there's celiac safe wheat products).  When I switched back to a regular diet, I didn't notice severe symptom onset like I would expect if it had actually been helping.  Thanks for the reply!
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I've had brain fog for as long as I can remember. It was mainly due to vitamin B12 malabsorption due to juvenile autoimmune pernicious anaemia but my other reasons for brain fog include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, bradypnea (lack of oxygen to the brain), 25 cm ovarian cyst, kidney failure and I've had a lot of other deficiency states as well.

I had normal blood glucose levels with severe insulin resistance. And to reverse my insulin resistance I had to cut out all added sugar in my diet. I'm not a big carb eater otherwise. It took 3 months to feel clear headed. I've lost 13.1 kg (28.8 lbs) since reversing my insulin resistance. Check your waist to hip ratio (calculators online). Mine was a sky high 0.96 due to severe insulin resistance.  I'm currently down to 0.86. :)
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Definitely try and  cut out white breads/pasta/sugary snacks.  I was amazed how the brain fog lifted as soon as I did.   It probably took two days to lift, but I feel 100% better.  

I still gets carbs from fruits mainly,  (frozen grapes taste like candy)...
But feel soooo much better.  I still eat a burger or something once in a while, but usually only eat the top bun.. So a little carbs don't bring the fog back.
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