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Brain weirdness

Hey people!

I started having unusual problem 6 months ago and haven't found any solutions on the internet.
So basically what happens is that sometimes i feel tension in my brain. It sort of comes slowly but you can't know when it will happen. I also try describing it as brain: contracting, pressure, rush, movement, shift  i guess..  Sometimes i can manage to deal with it and push it down, but sometimes it lasts for an hour or more.

It doesn't hurt but is really annoying and overwhelming, altho i can do all i can.
Also you have to know it really feels like it's a brain thing, like my perception changes a bit with that physical sensation of pressure. Nothing spins nor fades out, it's just there and it makes me think only about that.
Feeling comes every time i smoke weed too, so i stopped.

I'm really desperate as i can't figure it out. It's hard because i don't know when it will jump me, so i can't relax and be myself. Hope you guys understand me. If you don't, ask questions.

So what's goin on? :/

Thanks in advance
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Hi. :) I've had some sensations that feel a little like that, but I haven't found any answers. I hope that you'll get some. Have you had any other symptoms that have been happening at the same time?
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I have some physical symptoms, I don't know if they are related but here they are: hand tremor, red skin on chest.
Cognitive related:memory a bit worse than usual, i can focus on my brain working and sort of feel it. I also feel different altogether, sort of feel lighter too.
Thoughts are more intrusive than usual, visualization much better.

It happened after experimenting with meditation and hallucinogens and it's like i feel myself 50% of time, and other 50% i'm not feeling the same.
It's weird to describe and I wouldn't call it frightening but it's just weird and I want to know why is this happening :D
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I have read somewhere that hypoglycemia causes some of these symptoms.
I'm not fond of doctors tho, is there any way I can be sure it isn't hypoglycemia? Is there any simple way for a doc to find that out?
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