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Bunch of unexplained issues

Recently I had this episode that started out with a horrible sharp pain in my left hip that left me curled over (I don't get period pains) then I started losing my vision slowly from the outside inward, then when I was unable to see I started having spasms in which I was repeatedly hitting my head against a wall, I lowered myself to the ground and eventually my vision came back. Afterwards my partner said I was very pale and feverish. Once standing again, the same thing happened. I was conscious through the entire thing. I always lose my vision temporarily but never had I seized before. I never thought it was a problem as my vision is 20/20 normally. I'm 20, female, anemic.

Since the episode, I've found some dyslexic type symptoms, that I can't string sentences together properly, like instead of genuinely I'll use generally whilst speaking, and a lot more cramping feelings through my lower abdominal - not sharp pains. My balance has also gone a tad too. I'm also finding it difficult to stay asleep (I did struggle with getting to sleep before - now it's staying asleep), weird dreams, very restless, and if I lay one way too long I feel like I'm laying on bed sores...

I also have weird issues with what I call "soft hands". Not being able to grip things even lightly on random occasions. Please help.
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It sounds like you could be deficient in Vitamin D and B12 as well as the iron. Your magnesium may be off as well.

Did you also have a migraine when you lost your vision?
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No migraines. Only the sharp pain, then the issue with the vision. Then the following symptoms
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You Must see a Dr You can't leave these seizures untreated. You can die from a seizure!! They will give you meds to treat this— Please call tomorrow for an appointment!!
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