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CT scan shows axillary adenopathy, recent CBC showed high platelets

good evening:

Was hoping someone could offer some guidance.  I have been experiencing skin pigmentation that has been finally diagnosed as acanthosis nigricans, however I am not diabetic.  Most recently has cholestectomy and a CT scan showed "mild" axillary adnenopathy.  Most recent bloodwork my platelets were 557,000.  My dr. does not seem to want to follow up on the axillary adenopathy and I had to send myself to an endocrinologist regardarding my acanthosis.  I have also woken up in drenched sweat at night, no fever and extreme tiredness.  HELP
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Hi there
Right now I'm sitting here with some kind of upper resparitoy (sp?) infection. My WBC count was ok so I assumed I didn't have any infection.  I was tested for RA so I think I can rule that out.  I do have my spleen, what is splenectomy?  Polycythemia vera? Myeloproliferative disorder and chronic granulocytic or myelogenous leukemia?  The last year has been murder.  Have had a lot of pigmentation problems, preceeded by hives that lasted 4 months, borderline diabetes along with acanthosis nigricans and just had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago.  Ugh.  If you don't mind asking are you having probs with your platelets?  You seem to know a lot and I hope you're well. Thanks for chatting with me, you're truly helping me more than you know....!
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"Do you know if there is any coorelation between high platelets and axillary adenopathy???"

Not that I'm aware of. Honestly.... I think you need a second opinion from another physician and espeically since you are still having symptoms ! I can tell you that increased platelets are seen sometimes in people who have acute infections, cancer, splenectomy (still have your spleen?), polycythemia vera, myeloproliferative disorders, chronic inflammation (RA, etc) and chronic granulocytic or myelogenous leukemia.

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Thank you so much for responding.  Feeling lonely and worried.

I am not sure, no one seems to feel the need to follow up since I had the CT Scan in early december.  My Dr. said since it is mild that it's nothing like lymphoma or anything to worry about.  

Do you know if there is any coorelation between high platelets and axillary adenopathy??? '

HELP and thanks again!
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It sounds like you need a complete work-up. How long how have your lymph nodes been swollen ?
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