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Can I have tongue cancer?

I am a 28 years old female, and experiencing these symptoms on and off for a couple of months. It started as a shooting ear pain on the left side and throat pain when swallowing.. I was sure that I would get sick but it suddenly dissapeared. In the meantime my left side of tongue got sore. It usually goes away for the next day but comes back after a couple of days. It just hurts like i have bitten it but i didnt.

I have an appointment for an ENT on Wednesday and I will also go for my yearly visit to the dentist. I will ask them but i am really scared about this. I have read that the first sign of oral cancer can be ear pain and the tongue hurts only when it has already spread. :( Please please can you ease my mind?

Oh and i also have an impacted wisdom tooth on that side very near to the nerves.. I wondered if that can be the cause.
I am freaking out.
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Sounds to me like you need the wisdom tooth removed and hope you don't need a root canal done also. Here is a link to an image of a possibly related nerve to show how diverse locations of pain are connected:

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You should relax until you see the professionals and get a diagnosis. Just picking cancer out of the air is not a diagnosis.
Self diagnosis is generally wrong, and there are lots of things that can cause what you have decided must be cancer - googling for death is scaring you to death because you can always locate someone who tells you incorrectly that you can do a doctor's job.
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