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Can anyone help me? I’ve had some symptoms that I don’t know what it is.

So last Wednesday I started spotting like pink lemonade and it was sticky mucus it wasn’t even enough for a panty liner. Well it stayed like that until about Monday then it got a little darker still not enough for a panty liner. Well it’s been ten days and I’m still lightly bleeding it goes from light pink to a dark red just varies  it is just enough for me to wipe. Well I’ve been nauseated since the last Saturday before this past weekend and it was like that when I would eat certain food or not eat at all. Well I usually drink on the weekends and i could only get a couple drinks down before I felt so sick to my stomach I had to stop. I tried it three different times after that and still made me so nauseated I just wanted to throw up. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks since I last had sex so I took 3 different pregnancy test all the next day of each other and they all said negative. A lot of women have told me implantation bleeding but I don’t think it would be this dark and some of the spotting has very tiny thin blood clots in them. This is not normal for my period my period usually last 5-7 days and it goes from medium to heavy to where I need super plus tampons. But this is not the case this time. Last month I had 2 periods. One was normal 5 days the second one was 4 days and it was really heavy. I’ve also been experiencing pelvic hip bone aching. I don’t have stds cause I had a Pap smear done last week before this stuff happened and they checked and I had none. Some people have told me I’m probably pregnant and that most women don’t show up on a pregnancy test till 8 weeks in. Then some of them have told me it sounds like a cyst and I need to go to the obgyn. Someone please help and clear some of this up for me.  
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To me it sounds like you really should go get checked. Everything that everyone has told you could be true. this also could be just a normal period for you. Everyone's bodies go through changes and your period will change over time. But because you are experiencing pain I would go and ensure that nothing major is going on it is better safe then sorry.
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I found out I have precancerous cells on my uterus. They said that could be the cause of most of the symptoms.
So what is the treatment for that?
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