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Can someone help me identify these symptoms?

I've had chronic constipation since childhood (I'm 23 now) And when I do go to the bathroom, it's pellet-like. I've also had chronic bad breath since childhood. And for the past few years, I've had a swollen tongue with teeth indentations on both sides. My tongue isn't in pain or anything. Just swollen and easily coated. Especially after I eat. It also doesn't take much for it to become dry. I tested negative for hypothyroidism and sjogren's. I am also constantly lethargic and I find it very hard to focus. Easily depressed and lacking mental clarity. And recently, my mother told me that when I was very young, I would hold my stool until I couldn't take it anymore. I also had hand-foot-and mouth disease at one point as a child. I don't know if either of these things may have anything to do with my symptoms. I've tried organic psyllium husk after drugstore products failed. Nothing keeps me regular. I also have several light spots all over my back and butt. On my stomach as well. I'm black, but they're not light enough to be vitiligo. They're about 2 or 3 shades lighter than my current skin color. I'm sure it's tied into my other symptoms. Please, serious answers only. I just want to feel healthy.

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You are probably allergic to gluten.  This is common.  Try eating gluten free products for a while.  You can find them at the grocery store.  They are higher priced, but will save you money at the doctors office.  It does cause constipation, swallen tongue, and many other symptoms since it is an allergy.  Rice products are the best.  My doctor has this problem and so do I.  We are white, so our rash is red spots.  Mine went away after a few days.  It also helps to drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of applecider vinegar with honey to taste each morning.  This helps with the constipation and many other digestive issues.  Good luck and best wishes.
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What do you eat mainly?

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I have an average diet I guess. My father is lactose intolerant so I wonder if that MIGHT be the case with me, But I don't really eat dairy that much.
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Thanks, I have tried a few gluten free foods every now and then, but not because I thought I had a gluten allergy. I will try eliminating that and see if it helps.
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You sound like my sister.  She was diagnosed with Celiac disease (gluten allergy).  When you do the gluten free diet please check all labels very carefully.  Nowadays wheat is used in most everything.  It may take 4 months to feel better or 4 days.  Stick to it.  It's hard initially but well worth it!
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