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Can someone please help me figure out what is going on?

I feel so unhappy. I started experiencing symptoms a little over two years ago. I have been to multiple doctors, and I still don't have an answer. I am going to make a list of my symptoms below. I may forget to list some of my symptoms, because I have experienced a lot of different symptoms.
-Pins and needles in hands and feet
-burning sensations on different parts of my body
-joint and muscle pain
-white coating on tongue
-dry mouth
-excess saliva
-frequent sinus infections
-severe abdominal pain
-back pain
-chest pain and shortness of breath
-neck pain
-dry eye/eye pain
-frequent infections
-burning mouth
-metallic taste in mouth
-burning smell in nose
I will also add that I have an enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, and elevated inflammatory markers. I have been tested for multiple things. I have been referred to multiple specialists. I have seen a hematologist and a rheumatologist, but I also have to see a gastroenterologist and an ENT. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. Doctors know that something is wrong, they just don't know what is wrong. I am very worried.
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So, all of these symptoms.  Are they every symptom in a list that you've had in two years but not all the time.  Like last year in January, I had tingling feet (as an example).  But it was just last January.  That type of thing?   You could have multiple symptoms from various DIFFERENT situations.  I have an ongoing GI issue right now due to two weeks of antibiotics that wrecked my intestines, but I also have chronic GERD (unrelated) and a foot problem (unrelated to either of those).  These are very likely several different things.  What did the neurologist say (anything pins and needles or numb is nerve related).  Can you take medication for GERD?  That's not horrible to treat and the percentage of the population that has it is pretty huge.  Would losing weight help you?  I'm not sure of your weight, lifestyle, etc.  
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I just thought of some more symptoms.
-chemical/perfume taste in mouth
-blurred vision
-memory problems
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Your symptoms sound like my typical day. I have several diagnoses. Did the rheumatologist test you for Sjogrens Syndrome(dry eyes, dry mouth, aches and pains)  lupus?? Maybe fibromyalgia. GI should look for GERD,  gastritis, colitis., celiac, lactose intolerance. ENT for sinus problems. Do you have Post Nasal Drip?  What medications are you on? They can cause some of these problems.
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Did they test you for Sjogrens Syndrome? It is an Autoimmune disease. Has many of these symptoms.
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I've had all symptoms of but was never test for. You certainly do have the symptoms  of most anything!!! ButI don't have  answer for you really but I will pray for you. You've probably done a lot of praying yourself.  I do hope you find your answer.  
Just a little ol lady .....
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