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Can someone shed some light on where I should go or what I should do

I have had a high wbc for about 5 years on every blood test I have had.....no follow ups. I constantly am sick and the times I have been to the ER they think I am septic because of high wbc but they never find anything and send me home when I felt better.   Dizzy spells flu like symptoms passing out a few times and always very very tired.    I have had a l5 s1 fusion and have chronic nuropathy but that was 2 years ago.   Last blood test ... rheumatoid factor was 22 but I don't have RA . Vitamin D was 15.2, erythr sed rate 0 , neutrophil abs CT was 10 ,lymphocyte abs CT was 4.5.  Monocyte abs ct was  1.9 . WBC was 16.7 . RBC was 6. LDL calculated 110 .    Everything else was within normal limits.    Note my wbc count is always at least 12 k or higher  and the few primary doctors I've went to I never followed up.   Im just concerned if this is something I should bedoing more about.   Haven't passed out in a year.  Still get dizzy and am sick way more than average.  Also very tired.... have a fast heart rate it's not crazy high but it's high.  I was told to wear a monitor I never did it.   I'm very bad with this stuff I know it's my health and it's time I start taking it seriously.  I'm only 24 and am disabled from back injury and have all this going on so it's hard.  Thanks
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I would consult a hematologist.  They specialize in diseases and disorders of the blood, and are best equipped to put the numbers together to make sense of them.
Some Hematologists are also specialists in blood related cancers, so don't panic if you see references to that. There are many blood related disorders that are NOT related to cancer at all, that a hematologist treats.
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Also had vertigo twice about a year and a half ago
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