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Concussion? Please, help!!

Almost 3 days ago, I was cooking spaghetti at the kitchen and when I turned a bit on the left to turn on the faucet I accidentally bumped my head into the open  door of the kitchen cabinet/ cupboard. Yes, I always leave it more than ajar due to force of habit...

Well, although I'm generaly a careless person, almost always in a hurry and prone to anxiety and ruminating, I can't say the blow was too much -could have been much worse- but I immediately felt a bit dizzy and only a tiny hint of nausea. I ate immediately, didn't vomit afterwards, haven't thrown up at all in three days.
Additionaly, the dizzy spell wasn't too intense, I could walk on a straight line, compose e-mails and take part in conversation without lag, and it left me after an hour completely.
That night I drank about a bottle of red wine and even went to sleep. Only to wake up after 3 hours and sleep no more that night. 28 hours after, I drank even more and pulled another all nighter. Finally slept 6 hours and another 6-7 hours last night.

The reason why I'm writing these now is because I'm, of course, panicky because of the possibility of a mild concussion and its possible side effects, along with th ehelp of alcohol and poor sleep the first days of the injury -while I should be taking care to rest and all.

I feel just a weight sensation and mild pain that comes and goes around the vicinity of the impact, maybe a bit of pain on the opposite side sometimes, but I don't even need acetaminophen. The impact was on the upper-back let side of the head.

Could I have a problem? Do I need to see a doctor? Could I have inner hematoma or however it's called?

My symptoms in more detail:
- A bit dizzy and a  slight feeling of being slowed down
- A bit more dizzy and achy when I concentrate on homework.
- Heaviness/weight sensation around impact area

That pretty much covers it. Didn't lose consciousness, didn't have amnesia -short- or long-term. A little problem with learning new things (talthough I've read some of my book and studied without significant problem), a bit more dizzy when watching movies.

Note that I've been undergoing therapy for a year for my anxiety (no pills, just sessions), and I'm prone to ruminating about symptoms and all.

Also note that I haven't slept properly in 3 days, two of which were all nighters with little to moderate alcohol consumption.

I 'm looking forward to a response ASAP to relax....
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I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but I would definitely advise getting evaluated by a neurologist.  The sooner the better.  It could be just a mild concussion or it could be something more serious.  In any case, I would not fool around with the symptoms you are describing.  

Also, I would definitely lay off drinking so much, especially before bedtime.  Alcohol close to bed time actually interferes with sleep.  Drink a glass of wine with supper and no more.  
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Thank you for your advise, I will consider it.
It's just that the last two symptoms I described have waned now (no problem with cognitive process, just a little more prone to tiredness after hard concentration but ok with films and all) and I've stopped feeling dizzy.
I have some sleep difficulties and that might be my biggest problem now (a little nausea here and there) but then again I have put my stomach through a lot lately (irregular eating routines, sleep patterns and alcohol) plus I have a history of stress-induced GERD.
Think I still need to see a doc? It's been 5 days now...
I know of people who've fallen with the back of their head and didn't go to a doctor. They were well after more than a week but no internal trauma (apparently). Could a relatively mild blow to the head by a cupboard door cause skull breakage and that serious effects?
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Additional info  

I''m  a 23 yo male...
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I would see a neurologist to rule out anything serious. Sometimes, even minor bumps on the head can cause ramifications later on down the line.
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Thank you for your contribution! :-)
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I'm trying to picture the injury with the open cabinet door,  and I can't imagine that kind of little bump would cause anything like what you're describing,  healthcurious.

"Turned a bit and accidentally bumped your head into an open cabinet door".  

Did it even leave a mark or cut or bump?

I think your odd sleeping habits,  and anxiety and "ruminating" issues are what are to blame,  and not the tap on your head.  

I hope you're feeling better.
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