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Constant 4 year battle - diziness daily! Help!!

I've been suffering from constant spells of dizziness for 4 years now. I am a teenager and have had all med tests done by doc - have had head scan and seen an ear doc and eye doc. yet had no joy - tests are 'normal'.
people have noticed I've paler than usual, im still thinking it may have a physical cause..

I haven't had a blood test so I dont know if this is needed? Can anyone over some needed advice - would be great full, its unbearable and happening every day at high school. It makes me feel disorientated as things shift/spinning suddenly at least a couple times of day. Sometimes ground looks like shifting!

any tips for calming down in theese sudden spells? they can be anywhere and make me panic so much. I have been cleared of depression and currently working on anxiety. My therapist has said they are concerned a physical cause has been missed (any ideas??) - which causes my dizziness which then sets off the anxiety cycle making my dizziness worse. Please.. advice/help will be very helpful!
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I have this very same issue my friend. Look at my post today entitled "Anxiety at best, something terrible at worst."

I have been fighting this demon for two years now. Does it happen after you eat? Do you feel better in the evening/night?
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From my experience if you only get dizzy when standing up or changing positions you might want to check out Dysautonomia International site. Look into (POTS) Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. If your heart rate goes up when you stand up and the place is spinning might be something to look into.
Good luck!
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I can't believe that no lab/blood work has been done on you?  That is typically the first things done...at any rate...do you drink enough water throughout the day?  Being that our body's water percent is around 65%, if you are lacking (aka dehydrated) you can have those symptoms.  Try increasing your water intake and see if that improves your symptoms.  The next thing...look on your browser for Cawthorne's Head exercises and give them a try as well.  Sometimes we get crystals in our semicircular canals and that can cause dizziness..with the exercises, you can relocate them, so it doesn't put your equilibrium out of whack!   Good Luck!
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