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Constant Heart Palpitations

I am a 33 year old male pescetarian. I am 5'10" and 168 lbs. I have been having bad heart palpitations for over a year now. My primary care doctor gave me an echo, an EKG and I have a stress test next week that I'm sure will turn up negative as the other tests have. I thought it might be related to the ambien I take to sleep so I asked the doc if we could try a different sleep aid, but I couldn't sleep at all on the new one so he put me back on ambien instead of trying something new. This is the VA I'm dealing with, I was in the Navy for 10 years and am 60% service-connected disabled. He doesn't want to do any further testing and says he checked my thyroid and it is fine too. My LDL cholesterol are a tad high and so are triglycerides, which is weird to me since I have such a healthy diet. The nutritionist said I'm doing everything I need to, but she recommends to add some cardio. That's a catch 22 because I have no energy and exercise makes it worse; but I do lift weights a few days per week. I do have about a bottle of red wine in a week, but that's the only alcohol; no tobacco or anything else. I do take a multivitamin daily. The palpitations happen every day. They used to start around lunch time (regardless of whether I had eaten yet or not), but now they are starting first thing in the morning, lasting all day, and I wake up in the middle of the night and feel them too. My family is concerned because while they are occurring I have no energy, no sex drive and feel depressed. I can't get this off my mind. One of my disabilities is a sleep disorder, but they classified it as anxiety, so maybe it's related. It almost feels like a nervous feeling in my chest constantly, or adrenaline, without the energy. I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm trying to get into a cardiologist, but I'm worried he's going to agree with my primary care doctor, that is, if my primary care doctor will allow it. Any Suggestions?

This discussion is related to elevated adrenaline/palps after eating, etc..
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Hi Scott.

Things to rule out:
1. Vitamin B12 deficiency, which is associated with both, heart papitations and sleep issues.
  You would need an MMA test AND CSF Homocysteine test-the latter is
specific to neurological B12 (Methylocobalamin)

2. Pernicious anemia.  A rather serious condition that results from the body not being able to absorb vitamin B12.

3. Magnesium (tissue levels) deficiency.
Intracellular Magnesium in healthy cells is 10000 x the amount of Calcium, acting as as a natural Calcium channel blocker, allowing Calcium to enter the cells only for electrical impusle conduction. When tissue Magnesium is low, calcification,
hyper-excitability, prolonged muscle contraction with many consequences
are likely to develop in chronic situations.
Magnesium is also a stress antidote and may play a role in improving sleep
I personally favor Transdermal Magnesium Oil treatments, over oral Magnesium, as it offers superior absorption efficiency, with no adverse effects.

4. Ambien, could also be a factor, in causing palpitations, so you may
want to look at Nonpharmacological treatment options, instead.
If you need suggestions, let me know.

5. To truly rule out low Thyroid function, you must ask for Free T3, Free T4
and reverse T3. If there's no insurance code for reverse T3 (rT3), you might have to pay extra, however, it's money well spent.
The standard tests only indicate serum thyroid levels, NOT Thyroid function!

A low iron status and some of the aforementioned deficiencies could be
associated with low thyroid function.

If you consume one avocado a day, it will improve your cholesterol ratios
and adding more beans in your diet will help you lower LDL levels.

If you have any questions, post again or pm me.

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Scott, have you had your mercury levels checked? If you eat much fish, it is quite possible for elevated mercury levels to cause your symptoms. Also, decongestants such as Sudafed, diuretics such as Hydrochlorothiazide, undue stress, low potassium and magnesium. Google "What causes heart palpitations?" and you will find an enormous amount of information.
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Instead of a stress test they can put a monster on you for a few days, they tape it on and then you go about your normal life and it would give you a more realistic measure of what's going on. Because unless your having the palpitations at the time of the test nothing will turn up. Both my MOM and DAD have had this done.
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