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Did I have an aneurysm?

Alright so for the past 5 years my health has taken some interesting turns.

The first major concern was a possible aneurysm. I was bearing down going to the bathroom then all of a sudden it felt like lightnight striking deep in my brain. It dropped me off of the toilet, I couldn't speak well due to the pain but I had my roommate call 911. The EMT's got me off the bathroom floor onto a couch where I began to vomit. I could barely speak because it felt like such a huge pounding in my head that went along with my heartbeat. It was still to this day the most painful thing I've experienced, and I've given birth naturally no epidural.
So the jerk EMT's didn't want to take me, they thought I was going through opiate withdrawal. I was sweaty, shaky, pukey, increased heart rate. My head hurt so bad I couldn't argue with them to point out I had a week's worth of Methadone on me, they didn't even want to take me to the hospital but I demanded it. No sirens and a very slow ride of me wondering if I'm going to die because these idiots think this is opiate withdrawal.
Got to the hospital kicked off their gerneyand had to wait in the waiting room.
After a few hours along with imaging and IV pain meds my head felt better and an emergency situation arose at home, I figured I feel better so screw it I was going to go home.

Now I didn't receive a spinal tap or a diagnosis, they ended up doing two head MRIs without contrast which looked normal since that incident.

I now experience randomly, mostly after a nap, I feel almost in a fog but my head's killing me, I'm Shakey and having hold and cold sweats. And then my heart rate increases significantly, usually I can lower it by laying down. If I can't lower it vomiting is soon to follow.
Also now along with this hard heart beat i feel like Im not getting my air in me. Even though I'm taking deep slow breaths or even normal ones my heart pounds the sane way when you're out of breath from exercise.

I constantly experience these symptoms in a gradual order when I start feeling sick.
Feel a slight headache of nausea, heartrate increases if I can slow it down i have to lay there meditating away the nausea, if I can't slow the heart rate I will vomit. After vomiting my symptoms still persist.

What can this be? No it's not hypoglycemia or panic attacks. All of this only started since that possible aneurysm.
I can't even work, I get that nausea and vomiting.

Should I be demanded an MRI with contrast? My neighbors mom had an aneurysm shortly after my supposed ones, she got the same paramedics who treated her like she was going through opiate withdrawal. She went to the same hospital and received subpar treatment and sent home. She still didn't feel well so she went to another hospital where they immediately found she had an aneurysm.
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So it sounds like your first go round you left the ER against medical advice. Is that accurate? I'm not saying that you did anything wrong, I am just trying to see how conclusive your exam finding were. Also, it would be extremely rare for you to have an MRI in the ER. Are you sure it wasn't a CT scan? I would get your records from the hospital and speak with your doctor. I would inquire about an MRA head/brain as opposed to an MRI.
Yeah it was an MRI, it was weird.
I didnt leave against medical advice, remember these idiots thought they were dealing with someone going through opiate withdrawal.  Not true at all I had plenty of opiates at home via prescription.
They found nothing of interest in the scan of my head, however as the years go on the more certain I am that was an aneurysm. Symptoms are identical.
I'm going to push for the contrast or MRA on my next doctor visit in February. There is something very wrong even though I haven't suffered any other aneurysm like episodes since that one three years ago. I have constant headaches and nausea almost like motion sickness.
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Hello~I would most definitely either go back to the ER or to your primary care physician and demand an MRI, what you are going through is NOT normal and needs attention.  I would do all this as soon as possible as you don't want it to get any worse. I hope you feel better soon.
Getting the doctors to take it seriously is becoming the number one challenge. Two family doctor didn't think it was anything to be concerned about.
I know you should never diagnosed yourself, but when looking at the symptoms for aneurysm it fits perfectly m the pain was so unreal, I'm not talking about worst migraine of your life pain, or just give birth without an epidural pain, but far worse pain. I gave birth without an epidural and I'd gladly go through it 8 times in a row rather than have to experience one supposed aneurysm again.

Will be begging for an MRI with contrast or MRA in an upcoming doctor visit
I hope they will listen to you and let you have the MRI or MRA, it is your body, they should be willing to comply. Pain like this deserves more attention than they are giving.

Please let us know how it goes.
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