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Dizziness, head pressure, foggy/drunk feeling, all day

Thank you all for your help. But still after almost 6 months of first symptom, i don't feel any better, I still have the head pressure (no headache), feeling like dizzy (not like i am going to faint, more like the feeling you blow a balloon and after that you feel dizzy or pressure in head for a few seconds) but mine is during the whole day, except for when i am laying down. To explain better it is something in between Dizziness, Foggy feeling, pressure in head, cannot focus, get tired soon after short walking.
I have done all kind of tests (blood, urine, MRI, Hepatitis, HIV, and whatever you can think of, except inner ear, which my doctor think my symptoms are not similar to inner ear problems (he says symptoms should be strong dizziness like you can't even walk). I also tried Clonazepam (Anti anxiety) occasionally to see if it fixes the problem , but didn't do much.

Please help me if you have any good suggestion, and please don't tell me it is dehydration or something like that, because after 6 months i have tried everything you can think of.

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with everything that you mentioned ans i do mean EVERYTHING! sounds like a bad case of an ear infection & ur dr is a stupid *** for not testing your inner ear...thats infection 101! how many drs have you been see by for this?
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Hi Iman.
Sorry for all your suffering and the lack of answers.
It must be frustrating to be feeling like this everyday and have no idea what is causing it!

Your drunken-like symptoms , dizziness, mental fog & fatigue can be easily to attributed unresolved candida, as your body actually manufactures it's own alcohol!
Candida, a yeast overgrowth infectious condition, helps produce ethanol (alcohol) as a waste byproduct of sugar and yeast fermentation processes in the intestine and anywhere else around the body. (Any source of carbohydrates is considered the same as sugar for this purpose)
As the alcohol is broken down, acetaldehyde is produced, which has toxic effects and it damages your brain and your neurological system, even more than the alcohol does.
So, I would suggest you get this ruled out, if you haven't done it yet, before you get into other investigations.
You can do a self-test/screen by doing an online search under:
"Saliva Test for Candida". Just follow the simple instructions precisely.
Its easy to do and fast.

I hope it helps. If you need more details let me know.
Should you test postitive for Candida, please post again to let us know,
or you can message me directly.
I have personal and clinical experience in this and in many other health
Having said that, please note that my comments and suggestions are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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I really appreciate your help. Just want to mention that i was in a 10-day antibiotics at the beginning of my symptoms, because my doctor though it may be infection somewhere in my body. If it was inned ear, couldn't that antibiotic fix it? Also does inner ear infectiin last this long?

I am in business trip to South America, but i will have my ear checked as soon as i go back to Canada.
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Thank you so much. Your advices calm me down. I will do the test tomorrow mornibg and will update you with the result
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Hola ImanIman  y de nada!

"Necesito practicar mi español" (I need to practice my spanish),
because I"ll be spending some time in Mexico this winter (soon), lol!

Most ear infections resolve without antibiotic treatment.
Two reasons for this (which pertain to your 1st question)
1. Since the 1990's or even before, more bacteria became resistant to antibiotics, mainly due to the overuse of antibiotics.
2. Many ear infections are caused by viral infections.
Antibiotics only address bacterial infections

Given enough time the immune system takes care of the infection.
This is not to say there are no potential complications arising from such infections.

One more thing to note is that stress, alcohol consumption, high intake of carbs/sugars, antibiotics etc are all contributing factors to Candida.
This does not mean they were/are all present in your case.

Buena Suerte!

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