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Dizziness, lightheaded, shakes, cold but sweating help please?

I got up and walked across the room and suddenly went light headed and my vision went blurred and blacked out so I could only see what was in front of me i picked up a dress and moved it and hung it on the door I then fell to the floor in a curled up position and all I remember was my whole body shaking and not being able to stop it or really see anything it lasted for about 10/20 seconds I then stood up still a little light headed feeling cold but hot and sat down really shocked I’m 16 years old and previously experienced the light headed dizziness and like the black out only really seeing what’s in front of me but it never lasts very long.
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This sounds like low blood sugar.  Do you eat regular meals?  Snacks?  Even something little will keep your sugar up.  AT 16, you need to tell your mom.  good luck
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Next time when you decide to stand up do it slowly not in a sudden motion. Sometimes the blood in the brain goes down with gravity when we suddenly stand up after being seated for a while. But like special mom said this could also be low blood pressure resulting from low food intake . So, make sure you keep a check on that.  Other than that are there any medications you are already taking? maintain a balanced diet, good sleep and a few days of exercise during the week and you will be feeling better within no time. Take care
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