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Dizziness, muscle twitches, fatigue, more...

Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for help.  3 weeks ago, I had an arterial blood gas from my wrist--first time, very painful.  A few minutes later, after the tech pressed down on the bandage to help stop the bleeding, I became lightheaded and passed out.  A trip to the ER and some heart tests later, I was sent home.
     The next day I woke up feeling the way I do now--extraordinary fatigue, uncontrollable muscle twitches and tremors over my entire body and now face, dizzy/light headed/ vertigo, muscle pain, some nausea, and a constant ringing in my ears.  Every so often, my entire body begins to get tingly and numb, I get little pin pricks of pain over my whole body, and my chest gets tight. This can happen once a day, or ten times a day, or not at all.  Afterward. I always feel worse.  
     I wake up every morning feeling like utter crap, and slowly feel better through the day, until I feel almost normal at night.  Then I sleep, and begin the cycle all over again the next day.
   I have seen my primary care doctor, who tested for Lyme (negative), thyroid (normal), and a complete bloodwork (slightly elevated white blood cells).   I saw a cardiologist (all tests normal),  an ear nose throat (no ear infection), and a rheumatologist and a neurologist.  The neurologist was awful and said it was "all my in head" and that "I wasn't really sick." He did order some MRIs which all came back negative, but I didn't know I shouldn't use the open MRI to test for MS, so I'm not 100% certain in the accuracy.  He tested my sedimentation level, which was slightly elevated.  Finally, the rheumatologist noted my Vitamin D deficiency and prescribed a high weekly dose, and that I might have fibromyalgia, but did not diagnose me (yet).  
       All of the doctors claim I am having "panic attacks,"  which I've never experienced. None of them have given even a stab at a diagnosis.  They are all baffled why I wake up so sick and feel so much better by the end of the day.  I think this is an important clue, but they all shrug and say, "I don't know, that doesn't fit anything I've ever heard of."
       I don't know what to do at this point.  I've been unable to work because I can't drive a car and I get lightheaded and dizzy with any exertion.  I am the sole source of income in my family and this has been devastating to us.  All I do is sit home every day and hope to feel better....but wake up feeling the same.  None of the doctors seem interested in getting to the bottom of this, they all say 'it's coincidence" that it happened after my blood draw, or that "it's all in my head."
      Help, please, someone.  I don't know where else to turn.   Could all of this be caused by Fibromyalgia and a Vitamin D deficiency?!   Who else can I see to help figure out what is wrong with me?   - Autumn
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Hi all I can say is hang in there, what you are feeling is real. another thing try to do one thing each day that you enjoy-listen to music...why did your doctor order the test? that might be part of the key to what is going on. look back to see if you had some symptoms you may not of thought much of. also keep a calendar of your symptoms, tests you have done, doctors you've seen helps to look back if you need to. Fight for you, only you can speak for you. Take Care of yourself. I will keep you in my prayers. HUGS :)
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I have a similar history and set of symptoms with some different ones and in a bit different progression each day.  Mine came on out of the blue this past winter after steroid shots for back pain and a fainting incident.  I've had pacemaker put in this spring for my slow heart rate. I've had all those tests and dr. apts., too, and nothing has turned up.  

Last week I googled my symptoms and found an on-line forum on this website.  The forum which caught my attention was one for Dysautonomia or Autonomic Nerve Disorder(s).  I joined that community, but now I see several people in this community of undiagnosed medical issues with symptoms similiar to yours and mine.  

I wonder if we could get all of us with these symptoms on the Dysautonomia forum, maybe then we could help each other?  

I would never presume to make a diagnosis of this for each of us, but I am curious and want to learn more.

My best to you,
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I suggest that you see a chiropractor. If you have misplaced vertebrae pressing on nerves you will experience some of the very symptoms you are complaining about.

Have you been tested for Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes these can cause your symptoms as well.
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