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Dizziness, eyes burning, blurred vision and insomnia.



About 4 weeks ago I fell into a state of constant dizziness, which makes my eyes burn especially in the left eye. I have had a CBC check for any evidence of an underlying issue, but all came back normal. The dizziness usually starts after waking and sometimes tapers off towards the end of the day. The first 2 weeks I was super drowsy and could fall asleep immediately with no issues, but the last 2 weeks have been an insomnia nightmare. I struggled staying asleep, I would wake up after about 2 hours and could not go back to sleep. The dr prescribed me trazodone to sleep, which helps to put me out, but I still awake after about 4 hours and struggle to go back to sleep. The Dr also prescribed me Zoloft for my anxiety due to overthinking and over worrying of my symptoms. I have also started having stomach issues, like excessive gas, stomach gurgling all night and sharp pains ( maybe due to the trazodone?). Dr. also conducted a urine dip test to check for any kind of infections in the urine. Please if you know of anyone that has gone through this or any insight of such symptoms without a clear diagnosis, let me know. This is very frustrating not knowing.
Thank you! God Bless!
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Hi, your symptoms are pretty much non-specific; so I'd think of doing trial and error.

Did you know that Sominex is the same thing as Benadryl? That Benadryl inspired Prozac? Since you also have progressed into fairly severe stomach problems, I'd start with avoiding high histamine foods: https://www.healthline.com/health/histamine-intolerance

If that doesn't help, I'd wonder about a viral infection that also is in the inner ear -- or a 'sterile inflammation' that acts as if there were a virus.

Did something happen to kick off your symptoms?
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Nothing happened that I can remember of significance.
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