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I have had severe headaches since I was little and they have never found any thing wrong. Friday morning I woke with a headache but was still able to function. I got very dizzy naseous my entire body felt as if it was tingling but I was in no pain any where else. My stomach started cramping after and I was running to the bathroom about three times and I felt I was going to pass out and I felt I couldn't swollen and it stopped the headache stopped a few hours later. Since then I have felt drained and nervous and the strangest thing is when any thing touches the roof of my mouth my nose almost feels as if it's bubbling and I get dizzy again. I have felt better today but I notice myself getting worked up when it happens then I feel I cant swallow, and I get dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out again, and it leaves. My head honestly feels like it's full of water if I lay on one side my nose stops up if I lay on the other I can feel it drain to the other side but I'm not getting any thing out of my nose. I have had a bit of draining in the back of my throat but not much at all. If I'm sitting up my nose doesn't stop up either. I've never done this before I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I'm curious as to what could cause all these symptoms, any one know? If I so much as touch my nose I get lightheaded, I'm to the point now I'm making myself panic thinking I'm dying. I know that is crazy to think that at 39years old but I can't help it. Please if any one can ease my mind would be great!
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Sounds like you have a sinus problem and with all the anxiety  you may just have a nervous  stomach, Anxiety  can cause dizziness and make you feel  you will pass out.  But you probably should tell your GP
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Will you let us know what they say ...I have been very dizzy all day and unwell.dont know if there is any virus going round
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