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Does my girlfriend have herpes?

Hello everyone. So on Monday of this week, my girlfriend went to visit her gunocologist and they looked at her and said "were going to have to test you for herpes". As soon as that happened she called me and said we needed to talk. So she tells me what happened and I went and got tested immediately. I'm the first person she has had sex with since October of last year, after which she was promptly tested and came back negative for everything. My test came back negative for everything as well. And we've already discussed the whole being unfaithful thing and it just didn't happen. We discussed that on Monday before I knew I didn't have it. So she told me that she would tell me if that was the case, just so I would've known where I got it in case I came back positive. But I didn't. Her results aren't in yet and we're both just nervous as can be. Any thoughts? She had an are that hurt near her vagina but she thought she had infected razor burn. Which is now what I'm suspecting it be even more now that my results are negative. She had trouble sitting down, urinating, all of it. But it's gone now. So she's worried that the medicine worked. But I think 2 days is too short of a time for anti herpes breakout medicine to work. She takes valacyclovir. Any thoughts?? How could she have gotten herpes. (Btw we've been having sex about 3-4 times a week for about a month now)
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Btw, she didn't cheat.
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It may not be herpes at all and you should not worry about what you do not know yet.
Herpes virus comes in a couple of forms.  One is commonly called shingles (herpes zoster) and this can be left over from chickenpox as a child.  
There is a debate but many doctors will tell you that females can get herpes from a hot tub.  
In any case it can be dormant within your system and pop its ugly head at any time, normally when our system is in a weak and stressed state.
The medicine she is taking treats the outbreak only.  I am sure she was treating it in many ways already, so you cannot assume it cured it.
If she does come back positive the relationship should not be over.  Practice safe sex, but if she does not have an outbreak she will not be giving it to you, even though a male can give it through sperm.

I hope this helps, be safe.
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