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Excessive cough and sweating

Im an 18 year old female. I've been coughing excessivly for 3 months. Every time I cough it gets so hard that breathing becomea almost impossible. Immediately after that my temperature rises and I start sweating alot. I've been to a doctor and he just gave me cough medicine which didnt help. What do I do?
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   Your doctor didn't prescribe any antibiotics because you have a viral infection.  It could be the flu - and it could be Bronchitis.  Best thing to do is drink lots of fluids, eat chicken soup (cup of soup is okay) and rest.  make yourself some cough syrup by mixing honey with lemon juice.  Also, if you press the roof of your mouth with your thumb, you can stop the cough for a little while.
      I am so sorry that you are sick and that there isn't much that can be done.  Elderberry is what I take so that I don't even catch a cold.
      I was getting bronchitis every year and felt like I was dying - so I researched and found Elderberry.  It knocks out colds and flu and prevents it.  But it won't do anything for cough.

Wishing you the best.
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Get tested for TB it's been in the us a lot this year. My father in law died from in two yeras ago from it. Have you traveled anywhere where you caould of came in contact or or you around a lots of Asians or middle eaterns. They seem to caaru it more and pass it on not even knowing theyhave it. get checked you have classic syptoms of TB
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you might want to go again to make sure everything is fine. heres an advice take some cough drops and search the miracle of honey and cinnamon mixture of those two can heal you faster than any other medicine could  also drink ginger tea thts really good for lungs get better soon hang in there
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