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Experiencing increasingly concerning vascular problems..

Hi, I am worried that there is something very wrong. A recent prolonged period of stress led to weight loss and iron-deficiency anemia, however I have been taking iron and eating well for months now. I have always had "poor circulation" (10 years on/off smoking, currently doing well though) could these symptoms be something more serious? (30/F still slightly underweight).

- [ ] Persistent fatigue, weakness - even after long rests
- [ ] Chest pain and tachycardia - tightness and pressure radiates out to neck and down arms
- [ ] Difficulty breathing, feeling faint/dizzy when standing/walking
- [ ] Muscle tension/spasms in neck, underarms, and shoulders
- [ ] Paresthesia very often - waking up with numbness to one side of face (inc. trouble hearing from on that side) and limbs
- [ ] Muscle spasms in hands after waking up with complete numbness of one arm and hand - even half a day later pins and needles persist (occurring more frequently)
- [ ] Unexplained bruising, spider veins, and petechiae (blood spots) on legs, feet, hands, and arms (i.e. even siting cross legged may cause bruises on back of legs)
- [ ] Hair loss, excessive thirst, and dry skin
- [ ] Loss of coordination more pronounced, often spatially confused (walking into objects, poor grip/aim)
- [ ] Memory problems, brain fog, and speech difficulties (i.e. word salad, frequent mistakes from mixing sounds and disorganising words in sentences)
- [ ] Complete loss of feeling in buttocks after prolonged sitting on long flight - (took >6 weeks to regain some feeling, compressed nerve?)
- [ ] Cold hands and feet even in >30°C heat
- [ ] Throbbing legs including pain and pins & needles, inability to coordinate leg muscles (feet and hands also - particularly when tired)
- [ ] Pain in external veins on legs, feet, hands
- [ ] Foot cramping and spasms
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Hiya, HangCat. Do you have very flexible joints are/or stretchy skin? If so, I'd strongly suggest that you look into Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). That's a 'connective tissue disorder' that also affects blood vessels. People with EDS (mostly women) end up with all kinds of symptoms (including 'Orthostatc Intolerance' as well as cold hands and feet, heart problems) and often take a long time to get diagnosed - maybe especially more so by the NHS.

Are you tall and thin?

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I had chronic stress myself which affected stomach acid production. To no surprise... hello nutrient deficiencies. I too had iron deficiency anaemia. And low levels of other nutrients. As I take sublingual B12 spray daily for autoimmune pernicious anaemia I don't have to worry about B12 levels but if you do not have enough stomach acid you will not be absorbing B12.  I had many of the symptoms you have listed from fatigue to numbness to memory loss to brain fog from B12 deficiency...it's a long list!
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Hello~You may have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, many of your symptoms are pointing to these two illnesses. I would ask your doctor about this possibility. Also, I would add a good, high potency Vitamin B complex along with vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and a good multi-mineral. Adding a high potency pro-biotic might be a good idea as well.

I would start eating lots of fresh, organic fruits and veggies as well, and, cut out all sugars, since the body needs good nutrition like a car needs good gas, you want to feed it as well as possible.

I hope you feel better soon.
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