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Exsessive urine output

After long sepecting i had kidney disease, todays blood test results showed the all clear for kindey/liver/urine.  Which is strange as they don't seem like their working properly. If i so much as eat an egg, urine output extreases dramatically, breathing tightens and a breakout in light upper chest pain (Liver area) sets in.

And all this started when i started taking a protein supplement, which i stopped when symptoms came.


Exsessive/EXTREME Urine output.(Especially after protein) No blood

Slight Diarrhea every other day.

Slight pain in upperchest (Liver/heart area) mainly after mealtimes/snacks.

Weight loss.

Tight Breathing (mainly after mealtimes/snacks).

I have no allergies, take no drugs and do not drink.

Any ideas what else my proplem could be?

Thanks t120

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I would consider getting a physical and labwork done. On your first visit, your physician definitely should rule out diabetes and/or depending on your gender: UTI or a prostate condition.

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"Polyuria" is the catch-all term for excessive urination.

I googled around a little,  and found some causes - diabetes insipidis being the one that sounds maybe like what you are experiencing.  

In this link,  patients with diabetes insipidis experience a decrease in Polyuria (excessive urination) when protein in the diet is restricted.


Best wishes tracking this down - it does sound like you're "in the hunt" with finding out what is wrong with you when you notice protein affects your urine output.

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1. go for bloodwork

2. urine analysis

3. try eliminating the protein for a day or two and see if the symptoms susbside

I would probably rule out diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is hallmarked by the "3 Ps" polydyspsia (excessive thirst), polyphagia (excessive hunger), and polyuria (excessive urination)...you do not have the first two  good luck!!
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Thanks for the feedback, I will request a diabetes test just to be safe, and maybe cut out some protein for a period.

I should also note that I currently have quite a high blood pressure for some reason.

To nervous_nikki: I had a urine test to which the doctor deemed fine, but also said that my urine was very clear'(Unconcentrated)'if you like.

Is it possible that i have reduced renal funtion or would that have that showed up as part of my kidney tests?

Some of the test included: Urea - 3mmol/L, creatinine - 69umol/L and protein 77g/L.

Much appreciated.
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