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Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance

Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance

Looking for help to diagnose on an Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance case that has gone on for 13 years. Through trial and error I determined that I can only eat protein and green vegetables. When eat any other foods I get an extreme allergic eye reaction of redness, pus discharge at night, crusting, itchiness, inflammation, sensitivity to light. This reaction happens even when I eat something as simple as a carrot. My symptoms also include depression, sleeplessness, and being exhausted, even while I stick to a strict diet of eating no carbs. Symptoms of sever diarrhea have been resolved by taking large doses of digestive enzymes.

Recently I have had relief from my eye allergies for about 9 months when I started taking large does of digestive enzymes, but the effects have since worn off.

I have been tested for parasites many time and results were always negative. Tested for celiac disease, negative. While I was being treated for tropical spruce, the antibiotics resolved 100% of all my issues, however symptoms returned when I was off the antibiotics. Can I stay on antibiotics all the time? Been treated for Candida.

Have been to too many types of doctors to even list. It’s been my life’s mission for the past 13 years to try and get to eat normal again.

Looking for someone who can point me in the direction of a diagnosis or any help that can be offered. Appreciate any info given.
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Check complex carbohydrate intolerance. We just discovered that my wife has it. It could be caused by a rare disease called Fabrys disease. We do not know yet.
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Have been to 2 nutritionists - they have not helped.

Looking for a diagnosis of what's wrong with me, as it can't be that I can be allergic to every food besides protien and green vegetables. Something else is behind this problem, escpecailly that when I have been on antibiotics in the past all my allergies and symptoms were resolved.

Any help you can give would be great.
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Since digestive enzymes were helping you earlier, you definitely have some enzyme deficiency related to carbohydrate metabolism. Diarrhea is the commonest and significant presentation. Treatment is restricting carbohydrate diet. You can consult a nutrition specialist to find which carbohydrates you can take and which you should eliminate.
Take care!

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