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Extreme Itching Throughout Body

Asian Male of 20 years of age.

Symptoms: Extreme itching all over body if exerted in any way. The itching seems to be almost within the skin.

The problem seems to have started around 2 years ago. I would run or excercise and when my body was a little exerted or I sweated I would become very very itchy for about 20 minutes, and then the itchiness would disappear for the rest of the day. Ignored problem is trivial or even a normal symptom of dried skin.

Now: The itchiness seems to have elevated to another level, although it is the same itching, it does NOT go away, and starts with anything as trivial as taking a walk, to even moving my arm or stretching out. It seems to be associated with heat, because if my body is cold, it is not itchy whatsoever.

Tried: dove soap,all types of lotion (seems to make it worse), consumption of large quantities of water (seems to help a little but might be psychological), stopping the eating of fried foods/sodas/etc, even allergy pills and vitamin/nutrition pills. Regular doctor checkups and Dermatologists shrug it off as nothing but a dry skin problem, but this CANNOT be normal.

Time: The itchiness seemed to almost stop at the beginning of summer, but slowly growing it again has reached it's peak at the end of summertime. It is completely ruining my days with endless scratching and embarassment, as well as making it hard to workout/run/ or even socialize.

Please help with this problem, because it is truly ruining my life.

Thank You.
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Chronic itching, flushing now, too! Yay. Skin measures about 10° hotter where I'm flushed than the rest of my skin. Liver panels are fine, cholesterols are perfect, I'm apparently healthy as a horse by my blood panels.

My nurse thinks it may be cellulitis, I've had that before, but not on my face. Still, perhaps a lingering infection would just make me itch and not have the other symptoms. Of course, I need a doc to give me the antibiotics for that, so for now, it's just an idea.

Something that worked when I had severe poison ivy and nothing could stop the itching - wash with bleach. A little clorox on a washcloth, spread it all over you in the shower (careful of membranous tissue, though - that burns) let it sit for a couple minutes, then wash off with some sort of mild soap, plenty of lotion....the bleach calmed the skin with nothing else did. Probably not a good idea for long term therapy, but it can sure dave your sanity.
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I have this thing, i itch several times in a day, it's my hands and feet most of the time but when im nervous/anxious my whole body uncontrollably itches.
I have tried antihistamines and moisturisers but they don't help at all, whenever someone questions me or anything that makes me feel any sort of way (angry,annoyed,laughter,embarrassed) It just starts and it's already taking over my life, I can't go out, the only thing I can do is stay at home and deal with it, really hope there is a solution to this because it's ruining my life
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I have suffered with this condition for over forty years and I have not found a solution. I have seen doctors -  traditional and non traditional -  with no solutions. I can't walk one block before it starts. I live in fear of having to walk anywhere that requires more than walking a half block. When I tell people they think that I am a little nuts. I avoid activities that require me to walk or exercise. It has literally taken over my life. It is a silent hell. I did not know that anyone else had this problem. I can not wear clothes that are slightly tight to my skin because it seems to accelerate the start of the itching. Once I feel it coming on there is nothing that I can do but let it run its course and stop whatever I am doing. It seems to be worst in winter but occurs year around. I have tried medicines but they do not help and make me sleepy and unable to function. I would love to be a part of an effort to unite to try to find a solution to this nightmare.
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Hi there,

This comment might be little too late but just in case some of you guys still suffer from this annoying condition.
I suffered from the exact same thing for over a year and my doctor did not have a clue. I used to get it when I exercise, walk too fast, laugh or get angry. it affected my arms, back, neck and face. As I had never experienced anything like that in my life I suspected, it must be some kind of allergy.
I was right. it turned out to be EGGS! the moment I cut out eggs and egg products out of my diet, the condition nearly disappeared. The really strange thing is, Organic eggs do not have any negative impact on me, its only normal or otherwise called "free range eggs" that brings the condition to resurface again. I hope this was helpful.
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This sounds like:
Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA) or
Exercise-induced urticaria

anaphylaxis = serious allergic reaction
urticaria = hives

It can also be caused by sweat, which activates histamine, making you itch.

Once you start itching even if you stop exercising you may experience itching just by being active, like walking. It can also continue even if you no longer exercise as often, which is why it is hard to diagnose and most dermatologist may not even consider it.

You may not be allergic to exercise, or sweat, or food on their own, but when you eat certain foods and exercise or sweat this may trigger allergic reaction or makes it worst (acid foods, sweet/sugar foods including healthy fruits can cause a reaction).

I am not saying this is what original poster and a few others have, but it is a possibility and should CERTAINLY be highly considered. Research it and discuss with doctors.

Some drugs may stop the itch cycle. Some foods such as green vegetables, flax seeds and sunflower seeds may strengthen the skin to limit infections from itch, as itch is not healthy to body.

Cut your nails and wear gloves to allow skin to heal.

You could also read Dr. Fuhrman's water fasting book, and there are alo many tips online on water fasting. This may reset immune system. At a minimum, body should be more alert after water fast so you are more sensitive, and it is easier to find out which food you are sensitive to.

It is also possible to be allergic to environment. You will need to be tested based on your region, with each region having a set of possible allergens. Allergies come and go. It is possible not to be sensitive to a food or chemical or animal or insect and one day you are allergic to it.

I am really sorry. Itch can be overwhelming. Doctors don't know it all and you will need to bring these possibilities up on your next visit. Exercise, sweat can trigger itching, sometimes on their own at at times when combined with food in the gut.

Shalom to all.
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