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Head Pressures/difficulty concentrating, speaking, remembering/Apathy

Hello everyone.

During the past month, I've been developing a few strange symptoms that have really put my mood through the dumpster and have left me in a state of complete apathy and inability to do very much. In order to contextualize a bit, I'm 21, living in Chile, and I was diagnosed with OCD about 6 years ago. I was treated with luvox for a few years, but now I'm off and it's been mostly under control, albeit I've always had problems concentrating in a few situations, like reading, I've always had some problems bringing images into my head and my memory's not the best, albeit I study Civin engineering in a good university and I'm an above average student.

Lately, however, I've been under some extremely stressful situations, and not long after that I've started developing some symptoms which may or may not be related to my previous history. For starters, I've been feeling some weird pressures on the right side of the head, right nostril and the eye as well. It's not painful but it's pretty uncomfortable. I've also had a LOT more trouble than usual concentrating on anything, I've been feeling really tired even though I'm on vacations and even when I sleep a lot I already wake up feeling tired.

Aside from this, it seems like my thought process in general has been very fuzzy and I have even more trouble than usual remembering things, bringing up images or recent conversations to my head, and more noticeably I'm having a lot more trouble speaking; Often I mix up words, or just can't think of anything to say at all, and I appear to be a bit more slow at everything. My mood has been overall depressive, apathetic, with big mood swings and high irritability as well, even though I'm trying my absolute best to fight it.

As a person with OCD I immediately started to think the worse, and got an MRI last may; It came out alright, save a "slight inflamatory process on the sinusoidal frontal-emoidal area" (the summary was in Spanish, so this might be translated wrong). Even though a brain tumor doesn't seem to be the problem, I'm still fairly paranoic that this situation might get worse and cause permanent damage or not allow me to live my life happily. I've done some research and thought about some other things, like Lyme disease or a situation with candida; I have been eating a lot of sugar lately and the extremely stressful situation might indicate that this could be an infection of sort. Either way I have trouble doing a lot of things now; I'm also a bit more shaky and I even make a lot of mistakes while typing, even though under normal circumstances I'm a very fast typer and I make few mistakes. Not being able to think clearly really puts me down as well.

If anyone could shed some light on what this could be or confirm my suspicions, it would really be handy; I've been to a neurologist, to no avail (said I probably had nothing, didn't make me take further tests) and I have a psychiatrist appointment next week, but until then I don't want to be left with my hands tied behind my back. I'm not currently on any meds. Oh, and finally, if it helps any, it seemed to get a lot worse a day after I went drinking a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance for any answers.

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That last part with the symptoms was a copy paste I forgot to erase, sorry about that.
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I am going though something simalar please email me ***@****
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stop drinking coffee, have a banana in the morning. eat healthy, salads, soups, fruits, vegetables and fish
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