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Headaches & ear pain and pressure behind the nose. What could it be?


I have had headaches, ear pain and pressure behind the nose for 4 weeks now. I also suffer from epilepsy, I've had 2 seizures, 3 years apart. My last one was 2 years 8 months ago. I take anti-seizure medication every day. I had a panic attack 4 weeks ago and thought this it it and will have my next seizure. The very next day I started suffering from head pressure, it wasn't painful or anything, just really annoying, then a couple days later, got some dull pain all day, sometimes ear pain, sometimes two of them together. Whenever I would take a OTC pain medication, the headache would stop but I would get this insane pressure in my ears.Like I had taken off and landed in an airplane for hours straight. Sometimes I would take pain meds two times a day and they wouldn't help until I went to sleep. This cycle would continue and continue. Also the pressure behind the nose bridge, like something was pushing against it. Went to my doctor, she had my ears cleaned, thought it could be wax, didn't help. So I booked an appointment with my neurologist, but couldn't get one until August!! Anyway, since I was so scared of having another seizure, I had my other doctor book an EEG, got it straight away and everything was normal, no epileptic activity, which is a good sign, I know. The next doctor I went to was an ear-throat-nose doctor. She said everything was fine, no infections anywhere and said to go back to my neurologist. I wrote this long letter to him as well, but he said he doesn't have any time and I have to wait and keep taking pain medicine. I also get anxiety attacks when I'm alone with my thoughts, I don't understand what is wrong with me, the headaches, ear pain and pressure won't go away. I don't wake up in pain or anything in the middle of the night. But in the morning, I always either have dull pressure in the head or ear pain, which worsens during the day. I have scoured the internet for answers, but cannot find anything. Thought maybe it was allergies, so started taking allergy medicine, especially nasal sprays that clean the sinuses since it can be that also? But I haven't had any normal symptoms for allergies, like runny nose or it being congested. During the last days I've also detected the pain to go into my jaw a little bit and upper teeth, but it's not painful and I can just feel some senstation there. Eberything also gets worse when I'm lying down, but not sleeping, on my back, like something is pressing against the back of my head and normal blood flow or whatever has been cut off. But can sleep well, no problem.
I have also thought about it being anxiety headaches? But can they really last that long? And be basically 24/7 and in weird places like the ears? And some days only the ears, nowhere else. I cannot detect any stress at work either, since everything I do there has been the same as in the beginning of the year?
Can anybody give me any kind of direction? What could it be/what could it do? Where can I turn to. It feels like I am trying to find the answers but the doctors aren't doing anything to help... and it really scares me. All I can think of is that I cannot remember what it felt like to have a "clear head", no pressure or fuzzy feeling...
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Hi  llindav.

I'll suggest something you could look into, occurring quite commonly actually but seldom mentioned, which encompasses all your symptoms and is rarely checked by doctors:

-------Histamine-Related Disorders-----

These include Histamine Intolerance, Mast cell activation disorder &  Mastocytosis.

Mast cells are involved in almost every body process  so the symptoms are numerous.

Typically it takes a decade to diagnose, however, there are ways to get around this.

The biohack.com website has some interesting info on histamine intolerance

I hope this helps, however, my comments are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,


I read a little about histamine allergy and the foods to avoid, but I have been eating these foods my entire life, so how come it is now a problem? Also, my doctor ordered blood tests as well and they all came back fine.
But I am grateful that you took the time to answer me and offer your advice :)
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Hi  llindav.

I understand it's been tough for you, but whatever imbalance or condition you have, please keep in mind that is going to be challenging to diagnose and treat.
So hang in there and arm yourself with patience, persistence and knowledge which  will greatly help improve your chances of  getting better.

By assuming that because  some basic blood tests came back fine and  you have been eating the same foods all your life without issues, this rules out XYZ suspicions  and  there's nothing is wrong , then what are we all doing here???
I mean this in a constructive way. Be careful with limiting thought patterns.

The human body is an extremely complex machine and simple deductive thinking will  likely not help you much to find answers, when you're dealing  with multiple
chronic issues that have not been diagnosed yet (and I don't mean getting some medical label which pertains to  just referring to the symptoms )

Perhaps by deepening your own knowledge in certain areas of health of concern to you, you will probably find out that you may need very specific tests, perhaps some  self- tests  and/or  tests outside conventional medicine.

And should that seem too much of a challenge to attempt on your own, you could  consider a  reputable Functional Medicine Doctor, who will do a very thorough  investigation to discover things which conventional doctors can't or won't.

By the way  a number of undiagnosed digestive and /or  gastrointestinal issues may be (some of) the causative factors of your suffering.

Also some of your medications including OTC may be doing more harm than good in the long run, specially when you have no idea what the real underlying causes are.
This is a potentially dangerous practice for all patients with chronic conditions.

If you need more guidance or have any questions, just post again, however, please note that my comments are not intended a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,

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You need to go see an ENT Dr.  Sounds like you may have a deep seated sinus infection.  I have been there.  I had sinus surgery and do not get then as bad any more
But I already went to one, and she said that there's nothing wrong with my ears/nose. Could she have been wrong and not see something?
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