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Helo needed. Really scared

Hello, I dont get insurance til Jine 1st
But Ive been feeling really ill.

Before I continue I would like to state
Ive been off of Paxil 40mg cold turkey
For a while since I lost my insurance.

I am also overweight, and live a very lazy lifestyle.
I am female, age 20, about 220 pounds, and 5"and a half.

I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and depression.

I am living somewhere that is stressful.

Symptoms I currently been having for 3 days so far :

Increased thirst
Increased hunger
Cold in arms and legs
Extreme fatigue
Vomiting occasionally when I feel too nauseous.
Vomit is just spittle or water.
Unusual menstrual cycle,
I bleed more often than once a month, and heavy.
Which is not normal for me.
Stiff feeling in shoulders and neck
Aching muscles, mostly arms and legs as well as my shoulders and neck from tension
Difficulty sleeping.

That's about it.

I'm worried I might have diabetes type 2?
Or possibly hypothyroidism.

Or even something life threatening.
I feel really ill and can't afford the doctor till June 1st.

I am stuck with toughing it out for now.
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Oh my dear girl, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Paxil is one of the worse drugs to discontinue "cold turkey", since the w/d
symptoms are usually severe!
On top of this you have your chronic issues to deal with and more!
You may have any of the following:
estrogen dominance, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia or diabetes 2
(really watch your dietary habits-avoid too many sweets, carbs,
junk foods-eat frequent small nutritious snacks/meals), adrenal fatigue,
Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis Imbalance, gut dysbiosis...

You are in crisis mode and you need to go to the ER. There are provisions
for people without insurance. Some of your symptoms are suggestive
of very serious underlying conditions, which could be life-threatening.

Many things can go terribly wrong in a month, you simply should not take a chance with your health and your life.
And you also need to engage in some type of activity every day,
according to your physical ability. A 10 minute walk, a couple times a day
is something you can probably do without great difficulty, which will serve you well.

There are other forums you can post as well, in regards to the withdrawal symptoms, for suggestions and support.

Best wishes,

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im not a md or any type of medical professional but I wanted to suggest not eating processed food but only fresh vegetables non gmo meat protein and fresh clean water , it wont hurt you or effect you negatively ,, its all positive
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Square one is to get an HbA1c, blood test which is used to detect diabetes, and offered free of charge at many facilities. If you pay the charge in the United States should not be more that $125, including physician visit. That's what one doctor I know charges. Many of your symptoms can be due to abnormal glucose levels.
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I would suggest you find a clinic. A local clinic charges a flat rate of $10 for each visit for those without insurance or jobs. And $10 for every prescription. The problem with an ER, is although they will treat you without charge they will bill you, and that can end up being $1900, and they will immediately roll this over to a collection agency, destroying your credit. I am sure there is a clinic in  your area. Once registered at such a clinic you can use "sick call", which are days when you can walk in and be seen by the duty physician. These clinics are almost always associated with a hospital, in case you need to be further evaluated.
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