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I have had intense fatigue, hard to focus, weight gain, hair loss for years. I’ve been tested for thyroid, Lyme,and a whole bunch of other things. I’ve had excruciating thigh pain for no known cause.

I have a huge belly, male pattern baldness (female). I saw an endo about 15 yrs ago who tested cortisol. Said it was normal (I thought it was low?). I had a suspected autoimmune disease that was followed for 4-5 years but never had any further development so my rheumatologist referred me to an endo.

The endo examined me and took my history and thought I might have something going on for the weight, etc. He happened to be in the same practice as the one from 15 years before and pulled my file and said I had high cortisol originally.

He thought I might have Cushings.

He did a 24 hour cortisol test that did not come back high. I had low urine output (strange cuz I generally pee a LOT!).  They also did an early morning draw but the lab didn’t get me in until almost 10am despite having an appointment. I told him but he said it didn’t matter.

My face is fat/round (my hubby says he doesn’t recognize me) and the endo “thought” I might have fat accumulation on my upper back (I have fat everywhere!).

When the tests came back normal, he told me to lose weight.

I gave up trying to get help b/c no one will help me and only tells me to lose weight. I would if I could.

I feel exhausted mentally and emotionally.

I just gave up but the other day my hubby asked why my neck and chest were bright red. This happens somewhat frequently and sometimes I can identify a cause but not this time. I turn bright red 4-5x/week at least. My face also has gotten redder. I don’t know how else to explain it. Just occasionally goes bright red like I’m blushing but I’m not  

I also have this dark red-brown discoloration on my neck. My rheumatologist always looks at it but hasn’t said why.

Anyway, the flushing the other day was weird and so of course I googled the cause and Cushings came up as a possibility. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if the endo hadn’t suggested it a couple of years ago.

The only other thing I have going on is this weird dizziness when I move my head/eyes too quickly and feel like I’m going to faint when falling asleep. I think it’s some type of positional vertigo. I had it several years ago but it went away when I did these movements to reset inner ear balance.

Anyway...what do you make of the flushing along with the weight, protruding belly, fatigue, etc. I have a pendulum abdomen and stretch marks, but they’re light white/purple shiny. And my arms and legs are kind of fat like the rest of me.

I’d just like to feel better but can’t get any help. I’m open to suggestions or any direction what to do next.

Thank you.
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Lack of physical excercise can worsen fatigue, and being overweight can worsens or even cause new symptoms.
Have you ever videoed the flushing? If not, I would suggest you do and either return to your endo, or find a new one.
Make a list of symptoms, what you are doing when they occur, and duration.
Being overweight can cause strain on your heart, circulatory and respiratory , endocrine systems .
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When is the last time your thyroid levels were checked? If it was not recently, I would ask your doctor about having the levels checked.
I imagine you must be frustrated, understandably, and it can be difficult sometimes for a doctor we have been seeing for awhile to rethink their previous diagnosis, so that is why I suggested possibly seeing a different one for a fresh perspective.
One other thought, have your blood sugar levels been checked?
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No, actually asking your doctor to have your thyroid levels may keep you forever in limbo.
Sorry backhurtz, nothing personal at all, but you did well suspecting a thyroid issue.
Most conventional doctors are not knowledgeable with type 2 hypothyroidism.
In such cases standard thyroid testing will usually return "normal" results, so (most)doctors will  say it's not your thyroid and move on to other USELESS investigations!

Alicia, you have classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism type 2 (aka thyroid resistance).
I recommend you find a doctor or Endo, open and familiar with this condition.
You need to test Free T3 (FT3), Free T4 (FT4) and Reverse T3  (RT3).
Do not rely only on the standard tests, as they may be flawed!

Oh, one more pertinent fact that may  be of interest is that prolonged untreated hypothyroidism (of any type) could lead to the development of a number of serious chronic conditions.
One of the thyroid's main functions is healing/maintenance/repair.
So you may have a secondary condition to hypothyroid 2 (suspected).

If you need any further information, let me know.
Thyroid imbalances could be challenging to dx  and tx properly.

Please note that my aforementioned comments,  are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,

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