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Help with severe period pain and other symptoms please :(

I'm 17 years old and I first got my period when I was 15. It has always been really heavy, lasting around 5-7 days and more then 90% of the time they are excruciatingly painful for me so much that the majority of the day is spent writhing around in bed. This doesn't limit me from walking around and using my laptop in bed to take my mind away from the pain but I find it difficult even then to do anything except lie down and accept it. The pain feels like a sharp stabbing/squeezing that comes in waves, originating somewhere around my intestines and spreads down to somewhere above my pubic region (I think is the lower half of my abdomen). Also during my period I get bad bouts of diarrhea (disgusting I know!) and really bad back pain.
I always assumed this was normal because I had no real comparison due to my family being very shy about the subject of sex, periods, pregnancy etc. but recently I have become quite concerned after reading about things like Dysmenorrhea, Adenomyosis and Endometriosis. I just need help determining if this is indeed normal or if it sounds like I may have a problem :/
I am 5'5 in height, weigh around 127 lbs with a healthy BMI. I don't smoke or drink regularly and have never used birth controls pills, always using condoms. My family has no history of any serious conditions.

Thank you
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Your symptoms are suggestive of primary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea involves no physical abnormality and usually begins within three years after you begin menstruating.It is thought to be due to a chemical imbalance in the body (particularly prostaglandin and arachidonic acid - both chemicals which control the contractions of the uterus).

Diarrhea is a common feature of primary dysmenorrheal along with pain and cramps in lower abdomen and groins.

The treatment of primary dysmenoorhea includes prostaglandin inhibitors,non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and low-dose oral contraceptives.Consultation of a gynecologist is mandatory for their prescription.In addition,Lifestyle modifications like dietary modifications (to increase protein and decrease sugar and caffeine intake),vitamin supplements,regular exercise,keeping heating pad across the abdomenor taking a hot bath or shower may also help.

Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts
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I'm 18 and i have the exact symptoms as you do and doctors have told me almost everything to try and sooth them. Exercise, getting ibuprofen in my system days before, birth control pills, and so on. As for the exercise part, it did work for me but, only when my tennis coach was pushing me extremely hard and just running and running and running. my body couldn't take the exercise and i had to quit. in my opinion the level of exercise has to match the level of pain you have.

I would say to try and get ultrasounds done to rule out any cysts or other serious conditions. I'm in the middle of this process currently. i have had both external and internal ultrasounds which led to nothing. also blood test and urine test that led to nothing. One thing they did find was that i had a bisected uterus. i have been searching on the internet to learn more and i think i will be taking a trip back to the doctor to find out what type i have.

All i can say is keep pushing to make sure that you don't have anything serious.  
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