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I have been dealing with back spasms upwards to almost over 100 a day

now for over 5 years new symptoms have started my neck hurts to even hold my own head up and swells on the left side like a golf ball sends pain through my back if touched when swollen. My feet and hands swell and stays swollen for days on end it hurts to even walk when they are swollen my pinky and ring finger on my left hand has started twisting to the side and they are constantly shaking and if i try to lay them flat with the rest of my hand it literally feels like they are going to brake and I have these spasms in my hand that my pinky actually looks like another thumb on my hand. If I stand to long it feels like my lower spine is sitting bone on bone  my left leg goes numb as soon as I sit and now even lay down. My left side from head to toe first started hurting non stop to the point I can't get out of bed and has slowly started working its way to my right side as well. I have shooting pains and can literally watch Knotts move along the muscle where the pain is. I was told I had a vitamin d 2 defenciancy but the vitamin d 2 pill did nothing to help. I have had x-rays mris on back and brain and was tested for some more blood test by the neurologist and had an emg all was said to be normal. My body will have days where my head and my hands shack tremendously I have trouble remembering simple things sometimes like my calf muscle is called a calf muscle and even forgot my own social security number for 2 weeks until I had to finally look my sisters birthday date . And I'm 40 years old I've known these things for sometime. My eyes go blurry at times I'm always tired ill sleep 4 or 5 days straight almost every other week. I can't even stand to take a shower anymore and can't even brush my hair any longer. But I have gotten no answers . I feel alone
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Seen a neurologist?  You say you got MRI for the back, does that mean the neck?  Personally, I'd go see a neurologist to look for tumors and I'd be looking at the cervical spine looking for pinched nerves.  EMG tests are notoriously unreliable except to rule out certain diseases, but they really aren't very good at finding nerve pinching.  Found that out from my pain specialist after I got one, much to my irritation.  I'm no expert here, and can't say, but when that much is going on you have to keep looking for the answer until you find it, which often means looking for more gifted specialists than the ones in your area.  Peace.
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