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I have bizarre symptoms, but all my test results have been normal or negative...

29 y/o Male here. So 14 weeks ago I engaged in unprotected, heterosexual drunken sex with a stranger. I have crippling anxiety which has caused me to constantly worry about the possibility of contracting an STI. We only had sex once. Here are my symptoms:

- intermittent pain in penis, in the urethra, not while urinating. Just while sitting at work.
- after urinating it feels like there's a small amount left in the tank that won't empty.
- terrible, day-long headaches about 2 weeks after encounter, that stopped after about 2 weeks.
- pain in my wrists, ankles, & knees, intermittent, changing daily. This symptom is currently the most concerning.
- yellow-ish coating of tongue for about 3 weeks, has since cleared up.
- I had a sore appear on my ankle, just one, it could be a bug bite...
- fatigue
- depression
- minor muscle aches in neck, back, & triceps

The kicker is, I had blood work and an urinalysis done at 4 weeks, then again at 12 weeks. All tests came back negative. They even did an ESR test and full CBC (complete blood count) to test for other possible causes or signs of infection, and everything looked normal.

I have become obsessed with checking my symptoms, and every little pain sends me into panic-mode. With all test results negative, do you think I'm in the clear? Could my symptoms be caused by stress? Another thing to mention, is that because of the stress I have been binge-eating at night, and gained nearly 40 pounds since the encounter. I was 190, now I'm nearing 230.

I'm just looking for answers. Thanks for reading.
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You are fine. Here is what happened....

You yourself say that your anxiety can be crippling. Add this to the fact you are a human being (presumably). Human beings have this tendency to look for patterns in everything, all the time, for any reason; good or bad. It is in our nature to look for patterns.

The facts:
You get drunk.
You have sex with a random stranger.
You have urethral and penal pain/discomfort.

So, the facts + Human patterning * Anxiety = STI must be the cause. Why? well because it is he most obvious this given the info above. But if you take the sex with a stranger out of the facts, what are you left with?

Bingo: You were drunk. How does one get in this state we have called "Drunk"? Well, they must ingest a fair amount of Alcohol.

Alcohol gets you drunk....  Alcohol is a liquid.... Alcohol is not exactly good for your body.... and how does the body process alcohol... well, we digest it, so it hits the stomach, then the liver has its fun with it and finally the kidneys get it and cannot wait to get rid of it... and then... wait... it is the urethra that transports it to the penis for final eviction.

The alcohol itself is a bit caustic to that area, and if you were drink, i think it is safe to assume you probably urinated more frequently tan normal and most likely were not very hygienic before reaching down to steer the flow. Then the sex happens. You probably did not get up immediately afterwards and wash that particular area of your body immediately either.. So having some pain and discomfort in your urethra and penis following this was most likely a slight and minor urinary tract infection that most likely cleared up on its own.

As far as the other symptoms; stress will cause all of them except 2: the yellow tongue thing and the ankle issue... yellow tongue was most likely coincidental and probably unrelated and the ankle was a bug bite.

I made light of it in the way i wrote it because its normal to have these fears and with anxiety playing a role for you, it made it worse, but no more unusual to think what you did. Sometimes we have to stop and take each fact individually so we can say, "Oh, wait, duh!" and then get on with life.

Your fine. Te ext time you get drunk and have sex with a stranger, just remember that alcohol caused the indiscretion, so start there.
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Yellow coating could be a yeast/fungal infection. There are specific tests for sexually transmitted infections, and those can include but are not limited to bloodwork. You would have to ask for STI testing to rule in or out any STI.
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