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I hear squishy popping noises when focusing/thinking intensely

To put it simply whenever I try to focus/think intensely I hear these squishy popping noises, it's as if I can hear my brain clearing junk in my mind to help me focus. These noises only happen when I try to focus and they clear up once i'm in flow state, but come back when I'm knocked out of that state. Anyone know the name of this, i've had it for over 6 years i'm not sure if it's normal or not.
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Hm.  Well, that's sure interesting.  It's almost like a switch, it sounds like.  Maybe it is just a visualization?  Have you asked your doctor about it?
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I'm definitely planning to see a doctor once my schedule gets cleared. I decided to come here to have a better idea of what i'm going through before I see them.
I have a thought. What about tinnitus.  It may be going on at a low, non noticeable range until you start to quiet your brain to focus and think.  
Could be. I remember suspecting tinnitus for a while, but what I've experienced doesn't seem to match any of the symptoms. If it helps I often feel strain on the back right of my neck while focusing, so it might be a neck related symptom.
When I do my reading, I have read about this and it could fit.  I think when we get ready to focus, we become in tune with that part of our body and we also may have a little anxiety that develops. Making our senses for what is going on heightened.  Could be that this is going on with tinnitus.  Do you have bruxism or teeth grinding?  That also could cause issues in that area including the muscles.  
I remember that my teeth used to grind while focusing, one day I noticed it, and now i'm able to unconsciously open my mouth a bit to prevent that from happening. But as I focus I notice that my mouth still twitches. Is there a name I could potentially bring up towards the doctor?
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