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I need help, I cant figure out what is wrong wih me!

I m white caucasian male 29 years old, healthy weight! WARNING, this will be a long read:)

First of all my background is that I was living active life, while doing regular physical activity, visiting the gym, for almost all of my life till the event happened. Apart from that I was also an excessive smoker for a period of more than 5 years, but wasn't consuming alcohol a lot! So before the event, I was working a sitting job on night shifts, which is not that healthy!
So I met my girlfriend and we had excessive amounts of sex. So one time after 5th time of sex that day, I went outside to have a smoke! In the middle of smoking, the event happened. My head became dizzy, I felt like I will faint. My face becomes pale, I was barely on consciousness. I was about to call Emergency, but I gave myself time to recover. So I laid down in bed, and my self feeling a little bit got better. The next day morning, when I woke up to take my girlfriend home while driving I had this sensation of shortness of breath, heart palpitations, the feeling was like a panic attack, that I will gonna pass out. That day I went to the hospital, to check what is wrong with me! They took some blood tests, made an EKG scan. Everything seemed to be ok a part of that EKG was like of someone who is 60+ years old. Basically, they said there is nothing much wrong with me and that this heart rhythm could be because of my work on the night shift. So since that day, I didn't feel normal again. The shortness of breath was constant ranging from mild to severe. I started to worry and did some extra research. I went to my GP, they did numerous blood tests for bacteria, viruses and didn't found anything apart from Staphylococcus.  Slowly I started to notice that there is a hissing sound in my ears. more in the left one, and it feels like there is pressure behind the ear. And This sensation was constant and accompanied with headache also in right side. Also, I started to notice, that when I m doing some physical activity like walking, it is really hard for me, to breathe and I become fatigued. After such physical activity, my eyes become glossy, like I would have a couple of beers. I tried to visit some doctors like neurologists, but almost all of them were diagnosing me with vegetative dystonia right away without even taking any tests.
So I was starting to think that way, that maybe I had something of a breakdown and it will return back to normal. So I was trying to live like that, with all these described symptoms. After approximately 1 year when this event happened, my life comfort level was really low. I spent most of my time indoors-laying or sitting made me feel better than standing or doing something. One day I noticed a lump on my right side of abdominal. After USG and CT evaluation, doctors found a renal mass in my right kidney! After extraction of the kidney, the diagnosis where I have Wilms tumor stage 1 with intermediate-risk, favorable histology. At that moment I was thinking that this was the cause of all that was happening to me. So the treatment assigned was surgery and post-surgery chemotherapy for 8 months. After surgery, I still was feeling the same symptoms as before. After 4 months of chemo, as I was still feeling in bad health I was discussing this with my Oncoteraphist and I asked him, can we do another CT scan, and check if something is wrong with me. Ct showed 3 pulmonary metastasis in the left lung and one in the right lung. So they added another chemo drug, which caused my hair to go away and was more intense than the ones that they gave me previously. After 4 months of chemo. I had a control CT, where they checked my lungs once again, to see the status of metastasis. they all were shrunk by 50% since diagnosed. The decision was made to take them out to check for cancer cells. After surgery, I found that there is still a big count of cancer cells left and assigned me more intense chemo for 8 more months. After 4 months while on this chemo a control CT was made and they didn't found any traces of cancer in the lungs or other organs. In one moment of this chemo, I had the first time in my life an extensive migraine with aura on the left eye. Doctors were worried about MTS in my head, so they performed a CT scan for the head and they didn't found anything there.  after 8 months of chemo had passed I had another control  CT to check for any traces of cancer, and nothing was found. All this period of chemo I was still experiencing my initial symptoms of hissing in my left ear (it feels more like floating between both ears but the left side I feel more severe) head pain and shortness of breath. Even more, I was feeling terrible because of chemo physically and mentally. So after the last chemo, I was hoping, that when all the side effects of chemo will go away, I will become normal will feel once again like I was feeling before that event happened. So what happened was that when my side effects of chemo started to went away, all my symptoms started to increase again. Despite I was again starting to do more activity and to try to get back in shape, I was having excessive fatigue and all previously described symptoms. Even a small walk could make my eyes glossy. I try to discuss this with my doctors but they apparently connect everything with cancer, even if I say that hissing in my ear developed before chemo, they say it is caused by one of the chemo agents. So far after all treatment I have had, my symptoms haven't improved. There are just days when I feel a little bit better and days when I feel really bad, but since the event, I don't have felt healthy anymore. I hope that You can come up with ANY suggestions, what else I can do?
So far I have had:
Multiple CTs for cancer checkup,
Blood tests-after chemo they are good
Doplerography- My neck and head blood vessels are fine
EHOCT- My heart seems to be fine

My symptoms are- hissing in ears, headache more in the left side of head and eye. I have glossy eyes after even a small walk. Sometimes my heart rhythm is jumping up and down without any activity. I m having heart palpitations. Sometimes the bottom of my ear starts to blush. (Next day after chemo all my face and neck became red like when a person is blushing. So doctors said that also is caused by chemo)

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Has an mri scan been done on your head?

You could have an ear infection were your ears looked at ?

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You've got a lot going on.  So it's really hard to tell what's going on.  But the fact you have cancer doesn't mean you didn't also have an anxiety problem that came out.  Often they do seem to come out of nowhere.  The symptoms you're mentioning are symptoms of anxiety.  They are also symptoms of taking medication.  They are also symptoms of several physiological problems.  With all you're going through, you'd know if it was anxiety, because you'd be having tons of really anxious thoughts, and if you weren't then and were able to go through all this, it's probably not anxiety, but it could be.  And it could also be a ton of other things.  You have to find a doc who is willing to take the time to sort this all out, instead of compartmentalizing everything, which specialists tend to do.  Wish I could be of some real help, but again, you've got an awful lot going on and it would make anyone feel sick and weird.  Sometimes if you're not getting answers, you need to find better docs.  Places like Mayo Clinic work in teams, and maybe that's something you need to do so you can sort out what's causing what.  Peace.
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I'm sorry you've been through so much.

The hissing in your ears sounds like tinnitus. That's a really annoying thing where you hear sounds that aren't there. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/003043.htm

It can come with different types of headaches, like migraine, which could be what causes your head pain.


An ENT or neurologist can help. They can evaluate you and see if that's what this is.

Glossy eyes - allergies? Pollen? Dust? Mold? Trees? Grass?

Have you followed up with a cardiologist about your heart? I have PVCs (extra beats that begin in one of your heart's two lower pumping chambers (ventricles) that weren't seen on an echo but were found on a monitor I wore for a couple of weeks. It feels like my heart is all over the place, and sometimes it's racing, others it isn't, but it FEELS like it is. It could also be anxiety, smoking (which I hope you've stopped), dehydration, or a host of other things.

Flushing - likely from the chemo, if that's what the doctors said, and it didn't start until after.

I'm sure right now it seems like everything going on is going to be a Big, Serious Deal. I imagine I would feel that way. Have you gotten counseling? You've gone through some serious stuff, and that changes you. Don't hesitate to reach out for help.
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