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I threw up after I ate food, what was the cause?

This happened about a 2 months ago. It was a family reunion and there was around 80+ people there. I was completely fine health wise. Nothing upsetted me. We then had the food which was a lot of grilled stuff. I had cooked chicken and potatoes. I then suddenly began to feel nauseous. I start to drink a lot of water because I heard that works. I then threw up spit in a trash can. Then I ran to the bathroom in the park cuz the family reunion was in a park and I threw up all of my food in the sink. The question I have is what caused it. I don't think it was food poisoning. A lot of people had the same food I had. And food poisoning usually takes 1-2 hours before you start to feel nauseous. I started to feel nauseous after 5 minutes when I finished eating. I didn't eat much too, because I didn't want to get a belly ache if I overate. Also after I threw up I felt completely better but I still laid in a chair just in case for an hour. Later on in the night my sister decided to bring home some chicken wings. I ate them and felt completely fine. So.. why did I throw up then? I never ever usually throw up. I hardly ever get sick I only get sick once a year and that's usually the common cold. So what gives?
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Well, it could be a lot of things. Was it a hot day and were you drinking enough fluids? You can be a bit dehydrated and  not realize it. I've had a couple of close calls with heat stroke and it can really sneak up on you. I'm now very cautious as one of the warning signs when it starts to get worse is the rapid onset of a headache.

I have, once, had a very quick reaction to bad food - about 20 or so minutes and I was very ill for 10 days, part of that spent in the hospital being treated for a food born illness.

We'd need to know a bit more detail to say if it was food, or the result of heat and lack of proper hydration. How quickly did you recover afterward?

Drinking too much fluid, esp sweet drinks like Hi-C or something in the heat can also make you vomit, as happened to me once after 3 hours on the tarmac at an airshow. I hydrate now with mostly water - gatorade sometimes if I know I'll be losing a lot through sweat.
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