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IV site bruising and swelling


I was in the ER yesterday morning, and got an IV, but the guy who tried first missed multiple times, I think, and ultimately gave up. However at the site where he tried, I've not only got a grape sized lump or bump, but also bruising that is traveling up the side of the arm.

I had asked the same nurse if I would be fine exercising, but he didn't mention not to work my arms or anything. In hindsight, this was almost certainly assinine, but I ended up taking the bandage (and guaze that put pressure on it) off, and going to the gym the same day and doing lots of things that used my arms. I was just beginning at the gym, so the weight would have been pretty light (in the 15-20lb) range... but now I'm worried that there could be a serious problem.

The lump feels like it's in a whole area, as opposed to a pinpoint type spot, so I was wondering if maybe it was just swollen, and if the bruising is being caused by a leak in the site. I also read that if a vein is "blown" the person should take the band off, and THEN look for gause... I think this man might have done it the other way around.

What should I do, and should I be concerned? I was really scared that maybe it was a clot, but then I realized the area (again, about the width of a grape) seems kind of big to be IN the vein, but I am pretty worried, and hope someone can tell me if I should be really alarmed/seek help immediately or what I should do.

I know that we should be careful about advice over the internet, because people can't check it out in person, but... I have no job, no insurance or anything, so I can't really afford to rush back to the doctor if it's really nothing, or if it's something that can be taken care of at home. I'm including a picture I took just now (this is not the same night as the ER, but the following night).

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
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Your graphic may refer to 'Haemedema' or 'Haematoma' (pocket of blood)which resulted after repeated insertion of needle to connect a IV line,due to rupture of subcutaneous vessels(smaller blood vessels but not bigger vessels) and structures.This is an expected complication in a hospital set up where isolating correct blood vessel for IV is not done or incorrect inclination of IV needle to reach the blood vessel,or incorrect procedure to withdraw needle after infusion, inadequate pessary (pressure) to resume proper blood flow finally leading to escape of blood,virtual force like exercising without proper rest to particular hand,which is dependent on body fat or poor skill.

Since it was only yesterday and you have managed it with proper sterile gauze,there is nothing much to be worried about.It is not always advised to do strenuous exercise after IV infusion with same hand like weight lifting (even 15-20lb) which causes stretching of muscles on Biceps or triceps,forearm workout(straight arm pull,over head pull,open air pull,knee pull) or residing the arm under body or head,which may lead to distortion of blood clot finally leading to internal hemorrhage(in little amounts) which is your situation.

This condition may reside for 2-3 days and subside by itself since the area looks greenishblack(the hinder one),mild red (the later one),which means it has started healing by itself and dissolving back to normal. Suggest you to have a warm and cold pack on the affected area,keeping it clean under bandage, to bring it back to normal without leading to serious infection of abscess.Stop working out for at least 3 days or doing jobs which may put the arm under strain.All The Best!
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So is heat what it needs, or cold?
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Using both heat and cold packs simultaneously.Use of cold pack brings down the swelling of surrounding structures and applying heat pack increases the blood flow of injured area,both if them are essential depending on the situation.If more swelling then more frequent cold packs lasting for 15 mins putting a cloth on bruise and above a cold pack,for injuries in first 48 hrs,after swelling subsides, for next 24 hrs, there is bigger bruise area,then a heat pack (luke warm towel or steam pack) for 10 mins to increase healing process.Clear?
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Ok. Thanks for the advice!
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