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Ill but blood tests keep coming back normal?

So I've been suffering from a range of symptoms, it started in September. It happened so suddenly, feeling very tight chested daily, I then started coughing mucus, feeling fatigued. I went to the doctor and they did a full blood count as I was also suffering headaches. The blood tests came back normal and they put it down to a virus which would resolve itself.. The headaches got worse and I felt so tired and weak, although still had an appetite. The blood tests were repeated in December, again a full blood count to check for things such as anaemia, bloods all came back fine. I felt so frustrated, and it doesn't help that I'm such an anxious person. I've convinced myself that I have cancer, I went for an eye test for my headache and everything was fine. So the doctor put it down to daily headaches and anxiety and depression. I feel so low, I genuinely feel that something is terribly wrong with me. I'm scared I'll go undiagnosed and die suddenly, I feel like I'm going to have another meltdown. I've now started suffering new symptoms since Christmas, pain in the glands under my chin, behind my ears, under my arms and breast/chest pain and pains in my bones/muscles/joints. Another blood test was done to just repeat some of the tests looking at my blood count and an eeg and to check for mumps and glandular fever. All normal again, it can't go on. I don't know why I'm feeling this way but I just can't cope anymore. Help :( please. I have an ECG on Tuesday to check my heart with the chest pains.
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I feel like I could have written this about myself because it describes what I've been going the since August! I have painful breasts, CONSTANT pressure headache, painful glands, fatigue. I've spent so much time and money on tests that I am just broke and defeated. I feel like I am never going to find out what is making me so sick and I feel like I am never going to feel better. :( I did have extreme shooting pains in my bones (arms, legs, hands, feet, etc) but I read about Vitamin D deficiency and started taking a high dose of liquid vitamin d and my bone pain has completely vanished. It took about 2 weeks. I was amazed because I really didn't expect it to work. I still have the other symptoms though and the headache is killing me. I am so tired of being in pain constantly and I am anxious because I feel like I am going to die suddenly of something undiagnosed. I had a normal ct scan of my head and two rounds of normal blood counts. I have a MRI next week. I just want to get my life back and feel like I am never going to get better. Good luck to you and please update if you find out what is causing your symptoms.
Vitamin D can take a while to replenish, and the serum test can't show it in the tissues - just the blood. Since it's fat-soluble, it can't be repenished immediately. It can take months.
I'm sure you are right but I don't know what else could have caused the bone pain and the vitamin d was the only thing I changed. I was constantly having sharp intermittent pains all over my body and it slowly happened less and less until it went away. It wasn't just in my head either because I tried various other thing before that didn't help so I really didn't expect it to help.
I'm sorry that your going through all this, I'm terrified that they missed something on my bloods and they blame it all on my anxiety which I think is just a poor excuse.
I just wanted to update you that I went to an integrative doctor who ran A LOT of blood tests last week and I got the results today. Everything was perfectly normal except low VITAMIN D (which I already suspected) and active Epstein Barr. My EBV test is very high. I don't yet know what this means but it seems like a step toward finding out what my problems are. I would highly recommend seeing a functional or integrative doctor in your area. They are not going to dismiss you based on simple blood counts they are going to keep digging until they figure it out!
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I would absolutely get tested for any deficiences!
My symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency - diagnosed with a level of 13 ng/ml February 2017.

- Cracking joints, mostly toes, knees, neck, wrists
- Rapid heart rate (tachycardia)
- Palpitations
- Dry mouth (That lead to my tongue going all white, and Geographic tongue and loss of taste)
- A feeling of being onboard a ship
- Dry eyes
- Blurry vision in right eye, comes and goes, giving me a hard time following fast moving images, reading with right eye closed to keep focused
- Tingling in feet, hands and face
- Tingling in tip of nose, that makes me itch it, like a mad.. 
- Brain Zaps, like being poked with a needle in the brain, followed by a warm/wet feeling
- A feeling of bugs crawling on my legs and head
- Diarrhea
- Ice cold hands and feet, like cold-to-the-bone kind of feeling
- Hair loss
- Chest pain, comes and goes, days apart and can last anywhere from a few minutes to 30 min.
- Painful feet, especially getting up in the morning
- Dry skin
- Itchy scalp
- Sensitivity to cold, always either to warm or too cold
- Overwhelming tiredness - yawning constantly. I feel like I don't go to sleep, I go into a coma-like state and sleep a dreamless sleep, waking up many times during the night, never feeling refreshed
- breathlessness
- internal vibrations.

My levels were tested a couple of times during the last two years, when I suspected something was wrong. But both times right after the summer period - Where my levels had just exactly climbed out of the deficient level, because of being in the sun (that's mainly where you get your Vitamin D), so my Doctor could tell me, that my levels were absolutely fine, nothing to worry about, you just have stress or anxiety! Yeah right...I know now, to always check my levels myself!!

Even though my levels had climbed out of the deficient area, that was just blood levels. My tissues never had time to replenish themselves, as my level quickly feel again after the summer.

I've also had numerous other tests, CT scan of the heart, wearing a heart monitor for several days, 3 times in the ER where I went through full blood screening, and countless appoíntments with my Doctor.
COME ON DOCTORS, stop wasting all that money on expensive tests, when you can just start with by testing the most basic things that makes our body function first!!! Sorry - just have to get that out of my system from time to time...

Wish just the best of luck, and please get tested, you could be doing unnecessary damage to yourself.
Magmia, I have suffered so many of those symptoms myself and put myself on vitamin d because my internist was unwilling to test for any vitamin deficiencies! I went to an integrative doctor recently who did several simple blood tests and found out that I am in fact vitamin d deficient and am also suffering from a persistent Epstein Barr infection with swollen glands all over my body. I had a general surgeon and an internist basically tell me there is nothing at all wrong with me and I don't need to come back. The internist told me I am depressed and gave me an anti depressant which gave me horrible side effects!! The integrative dr I saw seems to be the only one with any sense! I don't understand why I have been put through so many expensive tests and no one thought to check for deficiencies/EBV??? This could have ended months ago and now I have no money from being put through so much unnecessary testing when a simple blood test revealed the problem! I am so angry!
Missialeri, I am sorry for taking over your post! I hope you find answers soon and don't have to suffer any more. Do find a functional/integrative/or holistic doctor who will run these simple blood tests first thing. They will help you!
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I've had news!, my bloods tested strongly positive for glandular fever and mumps but thankfully no cancer. The lab are now testing every single virus and hopefully I'll know more at the beginning of next week. Thank God for a diagnosis!, hope you also get better very soon. Feeling very ill at the moment, but trying not to let my health anxiety take over
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