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I'm so so so tired...

For almost a year I have been extremely tired/ fatigued. No matter how much sleep I get I still feel wrecked, can't get out of the bed! The tiredness seems to bring on anxiety too... Example: I mowed the grass on Thursday (a small patch) and had to sit down for the rest of the day/ evening. I went shopping for a couple of hours yesterday (late in the day as I couldn't get out of the bed) and spent the rest of the day/ night on the sofa. It was 3pm today before I could get it together.... I only went out walking for about 2 hours today and now I'm shattered again...

I have also been totally intolerant to heat, feet swell, get sinus problems all the time, also been getting really bad PMS cramping etc that means I regularly have to skip work (menstrual flow has reduced even though it lasts approx 7 days and about 2wks beforehand my breasts are extremely tender and quite sore). And last but not least, my concentration is very poor as is my memory... It's highly embarressing when I can't string a sentance together or forget what Im talking about, particularly at work...

I have been for numerous blood tests, which all come back fine except for one thing "low iron stores". I've been taking ferritin suppliments for the past years yet my iron stores are always low.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with me? I a so frustrated at this stage and have spent a fortune trying to remedy this...
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Do you have muscle aches and/or unrefreshing sleep ? Or do you legs feel weak or feel like you have two cement blocks attached to either one of them.  If yes, then you may want to consider looking into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The only other things I think of is getting your thyroid checked (if you haven't already), getting tested for allergies... including food & chemical sensitivites.
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Also consider asking your physician to check your EBV titers.
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Hi, thanks for the posts.

I never feel refreshed after sleeping
My legs occasionally feel week and heavy, particularly so when it's "that time of the month".

I have had blood tests 3 times in the past year and according to the doctors involved my thyroid is normal - they have noted that my eyes seem to be protruding though...

Have been tested for allergies, dirary products being the main culprit, so I've eliminated that from ym diet over the past number of years.

I'm just so frustrated going to see different doctors and being told that it's all in my head and only being given anti-depressants - the only thing depressing me right now if lack of assistance by the medical profession...

What are EBV titers???
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Two other tests to have done if you haven't (chances are docs have NOT run these) are PTH (parathyroid) and b12. Parathyroid is totally different from thyroid. They aren't related.
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Thanks for the advise. I have had B12 tests, according to doc its fine... I'm becoming depressed by this...

Whats parathyroid?
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Check out info on www.parathryroid.com. This website is run by the leading doc in the US on parathyroid disease. This controls the calcium levels in your body. Most docs think that if your calcium falls in the normal range then nothing is wrong. If you read the website Dr. Norman explains why that thinking is out of date. So you can still have a problem with your parathyroid even if you calcium is normal. Your average doc doesn't know this, plain and simple. They are using what they learned in med school which is out of date. This gland is called parathyroid because it sits next to your thyroid gland.
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I have your symptoms.  I have Common Variable Immune Defiecency.  I get monthly infusions of immunoglobulin at the hosptial.  All the symptoms you mention come from immune diseases.  Hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, pain in joints, etc.  The doctor that finally diagonosed me was not the hemotologist, but an asthma/immunology doctor that did a test where he took blod, then gave me a pneumonia shot, froze the blood, took blood again, and sent them off together to see if my body responded to the shot. It did not.  Because it took so long to diagnose, I already had permanent lung damage (bronchiectasis) by the time they diagnosed it.  I have hypothyroidism that causes great fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, etc.  I am still trying to get the meds right on that.  My last blood work showed low sodium, chloride, and cortisol.

Hope that helps!!
47 year old caucasian female
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I agree with the posters above. However, an estimated 80-90% of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients also fail the PTH (parathyroid test) and fail the T3 reverse test. So I would definitely consider getting tested for EBV and the PTH (Epstein Barr Virus). In addition, your physician (IMO) should order other labs including vitamin B12, ANA, CRP, Sed Rate, Celiac Panel, CBC, Chem 20 and an IgA level... which would rule out immunodeficiency disorders.

All the best,


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Thanks for all the posts - I'm a bit scared now thought :(

I've yet to find a doctor that takes me seriously, annoyed with the constant "depression" diagnosis...

I will find the courage to go and visit a doctor during the week - came across one on the internet, who is the other side of Dublin, but seems to come highly recommeded re: "unexplained illnesses", so fingers crossed!

It's terrible to think though that it has come to patients diagnosing/ assisting others, not to mention having to all but re-educate the medical professionals!

Thanks so much for the info you've imparted, it's very much appreciated!

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OK here you go, I too had so many of your same issues, I finally go new insurance and  went to a doctor out of my network to get answers, worth it too!  He was an endocrinologist and did the right tests, I was WAY WAY below in D Vitamin, I had a Vitamin D Defiecency. After taking his super Vit D once a week by the 3 week I was feeling so much better, have your vit levels checked!! and your Vit D Defiecency cause so many symptoms do a google search on it, it mimics Fibromyalgia causing many things like depression, weight gain, swelling, foggy thinking, so much more good luck drop me a note and tell me when you get the test.  Mine wa down below 25 should be up to 100..goodluck!
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Thanks for the post, that's vey interesting, the only vitamin Ive been tested for is B... It a battle to get the tests you want over here, half the time though I dont know what to be asking for!
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