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Infection spreading

Im 18 yrs old. I got my upper ear cartilage pierced a few months ago. The piercing started showing signs of infection a couple weeks ago, even though I cleaned it as directed with the solution they gave me. About 5 days ago, I removed the earring to clean it, and found dried nasty looking stuff on the earring. It hurt a lot, and I began to put antibiotic ointment on it 3 times a day, but it hasn't helped at all. The lymph nose directly under my ear began to swell 4 days ago, and then other lymph nodes in my neck started to swell. I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat. What do I do?
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Do not apply store-antibiotic cream. It is a sure way to develop an antib iotic resistant infection.  You need an evaluation by a physician, at a hospital, as of yesterday.  That means today, not two or three days from now. Ideally the infection will be cultured. The lymph node involvement means the infection has migrated to the bloodstream. Lately several varieties of antibiotic resistant organisms have shown up, MRSA being a prime candidate. Such an infection can be life-threatening. If it gets into the bloodstream and migrates to the heart you are looking at a pig-valve replacement. Peroxide is not the answer, as the infection has already migrated from the site.
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Go to see a doctor for antibiotics, and in the meantime, soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and hold it over the area for a while and let it bubble away. Do this repeatedly. Peroxide will remove dead cells and tissue, and will kill anaerobic bacteria.
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Because your lymph nodes are swelling and the pain it is definitely a sign of infection. You should see your doctor as soon as possible.
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l too got my cartilage pierced and had an infection. l went straight to the doctor and she told me not to remove the earing as it could cause the infection to close in inside my ear and she prescribed antibiotics(pills) for me. you could also try getting infection ointments from your nearest pharmacy and applying these while taking antibiotics to fight the infection. Also try not to take out your earings out as the piercing is new and will take a very long time to heal and so that could irritate it. also do not play around with the earing or twist it while it is in your ear and most of all make sure your stud is not too small because in some cases a small pair can easily get stuck inside the ear as it swells because of an infection. during the healing process it is normal to have crusty dry stuff coming out. keep the area very clean and keep your hands of it as it could make things much worse.
I hope this was helpful
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You should go to the doctor. You might have an infection. Don't delay. If anything it will give you peace of mind. Best wishes.
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