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Internal Fever Question

Hello, it has been exactly 7 days that I am experiencing internal fever.
During the first 3-5 days I am having colds and cough.
The last 2 days the colds and cough seemed to have lessen.
However the internal fever is constant and doesn't go away until now.
I haven't drank any medicine except water and 1 paracetamol during the 3rd day.

Note by "internal fever", I mean my skin doesn't feel hot but internally I feel the same feelings when I have a normal fever: I feel tired, restless, want to sleep, etc. I do feel cold and my feet feels cold.

Will this go away soon or should I go to the doctor now?

Thank you very much
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have you taken your temperature or are you strictly going on how you feel?  If you're going strictly on how you feel, you really need to take your temperature with a reliable thermometer and keep track of what it is, whether it goes down with medication (paracetamol), etc.

If, however, you have been taking your temperature and it's consistently been elevated, you probably should make an appointment with your doctor.  A fever that lasts 7 days definitely warrants being checked into.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you. Unfortunately I don't have a temp meter right now but I do feel a low grade fever. If I don't feel better tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor.
Thanks again.
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