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Is my finger broken?

Two days ago my finger slammed against a basketball straight on. It became swollen, painful and unable to bend, a constant ache and stiffness, as well as a bruise on the inside of the second knuckle. Now I can bend it almost all of the way but still painful to do so, the swelling is down as well as the bruising but it is still stiff. Also when I lay my hand flat on the table and hold down my finger by pressing below the middle knuckle i can bend my injured finger backwards manually all the may to the middle knuckle. While on the other finger I can barely bend it at all.

Do you think my finger is broken?
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Hi get a scan or xray done then you will know for sure , take care ,
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i have three grown boys...a marine, a chef, and a model....all played many sports im no dr. but they always jammed there finger...like a dislocated shoulder..i would pull it out for them...hurts but they said it felt a lot better...and able to use it again...good luck...
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I am not sure but try to apply some oilor ountment and massage your finger thoroughly. After a few days try to bend your finger
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as an xray tech, the only way you will know is to get an xray taken. they may just splint it or it could need to be pinned by a surgeon depending on how it is.
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Ok..... I'm a little confused. You just said you couldn't bend your injured finger....but immediately after you say you can  bend your injured finger backwards? Ummm. Your finger isn't broken, and even it was all they would do is tape it to a Popsicle stick, there isn't really much you can do for a broken finger. Unless it was mangled or something. So sounds like you'll be back playing basketball soon.
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