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Is my rug burn infected?

I fell yesterday on the ground and got some kind of rug burn on both my knees. They Feel raw and hot and a bit swollen. I left them to air for a few hours and it slowly started to harden. I put first aid cream on them and then a few hours later they are really soft and oozing yellow puss. What do I do?
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Rug burns are usually mild. However, if you have drainage and yellow puss that is the sign of an infection. You should have a healthcare provider look at it so they can prescribe an antibiotic. For home care you can wash the area with cold water and a gentle soap (Dove or Ivory). Gently pat dry and apply some gauze. You can apply a topical antibacterial ointment until you can get in to see a healthcare provider. Try to avoid clothing that is too tight and will irritate the area more. Good luck to you!
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Thank you, One knee has slowly started to scab but the other hasn’t. I feel like whenever I put on first aid cream and a gauze over it (recommended by a pharmacist), it makes the puss form again and prevents the scab from forming because it’s soft and moist. Should keep it covered with a bandage and antiseptic cream or just leave it free with nothing to get more oxygen and heal by itself?  
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Hello~You will need to see your GP if the drainage and yellow pus continues as this signifies an infection.
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