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Is something more wrong?

I have been going to a lot of different doctors over the past few years to try to figure out why I have so many bad symptoms but I can't seem to get an answer. Over the past few years I have had terrible body aches. My arms are the worst, from my elbows down to my fingers. My fingers constantly feel stiff and are in pain. My shoulders, knees, thighs, and back would follow with pain. I constantly get numb in my legs and arms if I leave them in one position for too long. I am always tired, even if I sleep a ton, although my muscle and joint pains often wake me up. I have terrible headaches at the back of my head. I am always freezing, to the point where I can wear sweaters in the summer and I need to sit next to a space heater at work (everyone always tells me that it's way too hot, but to me it's perfect like that). I am constantly nauseous and throw up my food. I keep getting these blood spots around my eyes and cheeks from how much I'm throwing up. I also keep getting canker sores in my mouth and cold sores outside of my mouth. When I get sick everything multiplies. I feel miserable a majority of the time. I've gone to multiple doctors but the only answer I've gotten is that my vitamin D and B-12 are low. I had a vitamin B-12 shot and I've been taking my vitamin supplements for a long time now. Everything seems to be the same and I'm not sure if this could be something more. I am desperate for help at this point.
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Have you seen an internal medicine specialist? Had your thyroid levels checked?
When was your last complete physical and bloodwork?
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I saw one internal medicine specialist. She was the one who gave me the B-12 shot but hasn't done anything else. My last physical was last March, so I'm just about due for another one. My thyroid levels were good last year but they did find two nodules on my thyroid.
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Glands can cause some of the issues you describe. At your next physical you may want to ask about a complete thyroid panel, and further investigation of the nodules.
I have them too, and they required a biopsy a few years ago. Thankfully, nothing serious was found.
Do you also have back or neck pain? The numbness can be related to nerve issues in the spine such as arthritis. Working at a computer, leaning on your forearms can cause nerve issues..ulnar nerve compression.
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I will definitely ask about my thyroid. And yes I have both back and neck pain so I will ask about that too, thank you so much for your help!
Anytime...I hope you get the answers to your symptoms.
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