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Itching, skincrawling, bites/sores, nit-like white and hard substance in pores/hair

     This began about 3 weeks ago. Someone in the household came home one day with head lice after helping her friend with roaches in her house. So at first, I thought this may have been lice. It hit me all at once - itching from time to time anywhere on my body, bites or perhaps sores that has white-nit-like, tough substance in them. Squeezing(I'm aware this was a bad idea) the bumps would easily release it. There were a few bumps that had what almost seemed like tiny, white hairs sticking out.. but the strange thing is that it seem to have a single wing? I use "wing" only describingly though, as I have no idea what they were. Just sticking out of the pore. At night, in the dark, I'd get the skin crawling sensation throughout my body, including my face, head, eye brows, etc. Leaving the light on helped a bit, but laying down still had crawling. The major issue is that I could never see what was causing it. I've looked all over myself, my bed, my room, etc. These symptoms lasted up until a friend suggested to try tea tree oil mixed in with body wash and shampoo, just to see if it'd help. I'd like to point out that I sleep in my clothes.

     Whether it died down on its own, or the oil helped, by the week's end I noticed a major decrease in a lot of the symptoms. I also treated it as if it was caused by lice; constantly washing my clothes and sheets in hot water, showering twice a day, using the oil, keeping the room vacuumed, etc. (Don't know if it makes a difference, but I threw away a bunch of boxes that had carpet beetle larvae that I found trying to figure out what was going on. We've also had a major lady bug problem that we had to take care of.)

    Up until recently, I've been able to sleep fine with no crawling and minimal itching. The bites heal slowly, and new ones appear much less often. One thing to note, it seems like every time there's an itch, I can scratch and there's a tiny white, almost dandruff-like substance. But it isn't just in the pores, it's in my hair(any hair), my nose, and my ears. I've recently seen a dermatologist last Thursday. She's treating this as folliculitis, taking amoxicillin and using an erythromycin topical rub. But it feels like it isn't getting any better, and if anything, it's getting worse. Barely scratching causes a rash. Anyhow, if anyone recognizes this and has another opinion for me, I will be extremely grateful. Perhaps it is as she's said and it'll just take time? I dunno. The appointment was rushed and left me doubting.
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Oh, and I've stopped using tea tree oil since going to the dermatologist.
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When you looked at your bed did you look at and under the seams of the mattress? The reason I am asking is because it kind of sounds like bed bugs.
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Poor nutrition can cause a lot of skin problems.  Be sure you are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I think the tea tree oil was a good idea.  That stuff is powerful.  
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These may be Collembolla or Springtails.  Look them up on Google.  The little white bumps on your skin/pores is exactly how they present.  Get a loupe or microscope to be certain.  Your doctor does't know s**t.  Stop with the anti-biotics.  They won't work and weaken your system.  It takes awhile to get rid of them, but in time you will. Use 91% alcohol with a few drops of tea tree to spray all surfaces.  Use Borax and Purex crystals to wash clohes and bedding.  Check for moistrue in your environment as that's where they will migrate.  Shower at least once a day and use anti-fungal soaps and then lotions & powders after as they eat fungus primarily.  H202, tea trea oil, sulfur ointment or soap, and any anti fungal creams work well...change clothes daily and bag them...sheets as needed, probably daily or every other day at first depending on the level of your infestation.  Yes, they get into everything and everywere on your body...watch out for uncovered food as they'll get into that too.  
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