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I've had facial tingling/numbness. Not Bell's palsy

I've had facial tingling/numbness on my right side of my face that intermittently shows up. This has been going on for over 2 years and no it's not Bell's palsy. I've noticed that it typically happens after I've driven in the car for over 45 minutes and get out of the car. Then boom all of a sudden half of my face is numb and tingling. Lasts about 1 minute..I also have neck pain all the time. I'm talking big knots in my neck and shoulders all the time. I'm starting to think it may be radioculopathy. I sit at a computer all day long. Wonder if it's from looking down at computers and cell phones combined with poor posture.MRI yielded no abnormalities. What could this be? Where should I go for help. This has been a 3 year process!  Facial tingling and huge muscle knots intingling shoulder and neck for 3 years. I do regular massages and they can't even get the big knots out. No history of car accidents or injuries I can think of that would cause this
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That sounds really annoying that this happens and the tension you have sounds painful.  Do you do stretching?  If this is something like a nerve compression, stretching often really helps (as they recommend with things like sciatica).  It will also help with your tension from sitting at your job.  Drop your head down leading with your chin, move it right and left, look right and left, and  many more types of stretches that help.  Medical massage is amazing for the tension issue and perhaps the compression of a nerve would be relieved as well.  I had many issues when I had to drive for hours at a time for work for an extended period of time.  The stretching, massage and occasional ibuprofen did wonders.  good luck
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Hello~You definitely should see a chiropractor, all your symptoms point to misplace vertebrae and pinched nerves. He/she will take some x-rays of the neck and upper back, look them over and then discuss the results. After a few treatments, you should be on the road to recovery.
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