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Lack of concentration, shaking, sleep issues

(15 years old) My sleeping issues may come from the fact that I do soccer on Mondays (till 5) Thursdays (till 6) dancing on tuesdays (till 5) and drama on friday (till 5:30) and my day starts at 6am. Sometimes ill have a feeling of panic or out of no where i will start shaking. for a couple of years i have lost my ability to focus but my mom wont get me tested because she says ADD develops earlier but sometimes in class i will blur my eyesight and zone out or i cant sit still and fidget a lot especially when uncomfortable. Sometimes my heart will start pounding hard when i'm sitting still and i'm short of breath to and if i take deep breathes it feels like my lungs are stiff. i also have extremely bad memory i forgot some symptoms i wanted to mention to, thats one of the reasons i  do badly in school sometimes but also the lack of concentration would do that, but my memory problem is starting to scare because it gets so bad that i cant remember things that happened the day before either. Whats wrong with me if there is can i treat it with meds or something?
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Try and get your mum to book you an appointment to see your doctor.

Write down all your symptoms on a list so that you can give this to the doctor.

You are doing rather a lot of exercise and more than likely not getting enough rest time and sleep.  With a lot of exercise you also require more food for energy as well as all the minerals and nutrients to help your body to grow healthily.

Trying to gasp for oxygen, tiredness and lack of concentration can be from having low iron levels in your body.  And your doctor would take a blood test to find our your iron levels to see if you are anaemic.  

Of course those symptoms can also be due to lack of sleep and being dehydrated.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water.  

Blurry vision can also be caused by you being over tired, having a eye sight problem or from too much sugar in your blood.  Another reason for you experiencing the shakiness is due to lack of energy in your body because your sugar levels drop too low - this is called hypoglycaemia.  It is important that you eat regularly and have a healthy snack in between your main meals.

Your schooling is still very important for your future and it is no good you feeling these type of symptoms (and nearly falling asleep by the sound of things) when you should be alert and taking in the information being taught at school.

Are you doing all these physical activities because you want to? Or, is it your mum pushing you to do this?  Sometimes parents push their kids too much to do well in a specific area because they may have missed out when they were young.  Perhaps you should consider dropping one of the activities.

It is very important that you get medically examined to find out the cause of your symptoms and be treated accordingly.

I do hope that your mum comes round to taking you to the doctor and getting checked out.  If there is a school nurse, have a chat with him/her too.  

Let me know how you get on.
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Hi Shealyn.

Sounds like you are having panic attacks. They sometimes come out of nowhere but other times there are definite triggers. Your body and brain could be causing you to have a fight or flight response, even for no reason. Perhaps you have a mood disorder and ADD, both treated effectively with medication (amphetamine based medication for ADD, benzodiazipine for the anxiety). However, if you don't have ADD the medication will make you very manic. You won't be able to stop talking or doing things. It will make you delirious from lack of sleep. The benzos reduce anxiety but too high of a dose may cause you to become completely wreckless, as if you were really intoxicated. You might say or do things that you would normally not do. Both have withdrawal symptoms and are habit forming. They should be taken with extreme caution and your medication should be supervised and stored out of reach of friends or other family members.

One other concern would be epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. Both involve the brain and central nervous system. Different types of seizures could be causing the panic, tightness in chest (commonly called the bear hug) as you describe, extreme tiredness especially following a seizure, zoning out, tremors, blurry vision, etc....it all depends on the location of the lesions (sores) on the brain or spinal cord. These two diseases take years to diagnose because they are based on history and medical tests.

Do you recall ever having a seizure? Have you awakened so sore and tired that you could barely move? Do you find that you have bitten your tongue at night (it'll be very sore and may be bleeding) or your cheeks? Do you twitch? Any unusual sensation in your hands or feet - like pins and needles or itching)?

I'm 43 and have had symptoms like this my whole life. I didn't recognize they were symptoms....just thought it was normal. You are aware of some of your symptoms now but more will come to light as you observe yourself.

The best advice I can give you is to keep a detailed journal of your symptoms and be aware of your body. I do hope you are able to see a doctor very soon. Please keep us updated and don't stop telling your parents or doctors or nurses about your symptoms. They won't go away on their own and sometimes caregivers can be very stubborn. Keep your chin up.
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I searched the symtoms of anxiety and i have most of the common symptoms , im doing the exercise because i want to. I dont tell my mom anything anymore cause as a kid i used to have a lot of bone and knee problems so when ever im sore my mom doesnt believe me. but its fine i know you cant treat anxiety and i drink this protein shake thing every morning but ill be fine thank you for replying.
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Sorry i only saw your comment now while typing my previous but ill be fine it will probably go away soon i usually only shake in stressful situations though but thank you so much for replying. if the symtoms continue i will ask to go to the doctor we are just tight on money so my mom might say only if its very serious she might take me. thanks.
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With you saying that you drink protein shakes at the age of 14, made me wonder if drinking protein whilst you are a growing teenager is actually safe for you.  I did some research and found the information that I have pasted below.

I would also suggested that you read the instructions on the product to see if it is recommended for use with people of your age.  I believe that at your age, you do not need to consume additional protein as in these shakes.  You are far better eating a proper healthy and balanced diet.  Your body is still growing and you need a balanced diet, not one that has too much protein that is not balanced by other minerals and vitamins.  
If your doctor has advised you to take the protein supplements, then that is different.  

I also feel that you are not getting enough sleep and hence that is why you are not able to concentrate in your class.  


The information below is from Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences

Most teens under 18 are still growing. By eating a well balanced diet with protein, carbs, and fat but not too much of each you will have plenty of nutrients to grow and develop normally. By adding too much protein from any source especially at a young age can could lead to some problems:

"Potential risks:
Overreaction within the immune system
Liver dysfunction due to increased toxic residues
Loss of bone density."

"Because the body is unable to store excess protein, it is broken down and converted into sugars or fatty acids. The liver removes nitrogen from the amino acids, so that they can be burned as fuel, and the nitrogen is incorporated into urea, the substance that is excreted by the kidneys. These organs can normally cope with any extra workload but if kidney disease occurs, a decrease in protein will often be prescribed.

Excessive protein intake may also cause the body to lose calcium, which could lead to bone loss in the long-term. Foods that are high in protein (such as red meat) are often high in saturated fat, so excessive protein intake may also contribute to increased saturated fat."

Make sure you are not lifting too much as well because that could lead to skeletal, tendon and ligament damage if your bones have not stopped lengthening.


The symptoms you mentioned can also be caused by other medical problems.

Your doctor is the best person to diagnose whether you are having anxiety attacks or whether there are medical problems that need attention.
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