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Leg soreness undiagnosed

I am a 31 year old male that has been experiencing bilateral leg pain for almost 10 months. Pain initially was only in thighs and calves. Seems to more be focused around the knees at the moment. No weakness really, and no numbness. Almost burning feeling sometimes. They have felt kind of jelly like a couple times after exercise but not a usual thing. Some spasms... Usually okay if not walking or standing for an extended period of time, but will start to ache when doing so. Hot baths seem to help best. I also have this consistent need to want to stretch.
Pain initially started the same day that I had a stomach bug. Not sure if it is a coincidence. I didn't really have a fever and the bug only lasted a day... Had a little arm soreness initially and have felt that as well recently. Last night arms felt really sore, and my fingers seem to have slight loss of sensation. Could be anxiety... Just don't know!
The only connection I have found was experiencing some rhabdo (high CK levels) 2 years ago after a very vigorous exercise session. I peed brown and went to the doctor. Took Advil and Tylenol. Pain was experienced in same parts of legs (thighs, calves) and I could hardly walk for a week. Very very painful. After that, I appeared to be fine (up until now).
It seems extremely coincidental that a year after the injury the same places in the leg feel sore. But it's just not going away! But the doctors don't seem to think there is a connection? I don't know...
Got EMG and long list of blood tests. Have seen 2 specialists (rhum and neur musc)... All results were normal.

Next step would be a biopsy. I'm a little hesitant but the pains lasted awhile now. Maybe try a sports doc? Yoga? Getting very worried about all this and considering anxiety meds... I have also experienced a prolong burning when ejaculating and urinating sometimes. Waiting to get meds from urologist. Could that type of issue spread and cause muscle problems overtime? I'm ready to go to the er and say enough is enough...
If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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Have you gotten any of the results back from your blood work and EMG?

Is there a reason you and/or your docs are only focusing on rhum and neuro muscular? Maybe you need to see an ortho? Get an MRI?
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You also got quite a few answers on your previous post  - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Bilateral-leg-pain-for-almost-a-year/show/3051151
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