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Lightheadedness, 24/7 Tension Headaches

I'm 33 Male

Well this all started 3 years ago when I found out I had a winged scapula. I always had less range of motion on my left side. I have been to PT for upper Trap work, Seen Chiropractor for it as well still no relief. I tried Botox with first neurologist didn't help for it so now I'm back in PT as they have stated I have damage to Long thoracic nerve. Don't know how it happened however it did

However these last 3 month have beeeeeen HELLLL!. I have Chronic Tension Headaches 24/7 (They started first) with Tinnutus, Light-Headness all day long on left side where winged scapula is and pain and soreness in back of head. Possibly Occipital nerve (Well thats just me saying cause MRI came back ok). I feel like its a nerve issue that blood is blocked. Cause my left side is weaker and all lightheartedness is in left side. However MRI is ok

Saw ENT they did Brain MRI and Vertigo Testing all came back good. So I'm back seeing my neurologist she prescribed me Amitriptyline for the headaches. Going with a 30MG to scale up to 40 MG. However so far lightheaded won't go away this is my main issue

I have a MRI on Brain and MRI on Cervical Spine in 2011 not update since then.
Brain and upper neck are fine on MRI maybe I could ask for updated Cervical?

I have tried a couple myofascial sessions at massage and chiropractor office as well

So I'm back in PT trying to Make my neck muscles stronger and shoulder from Winged Scapula

I'm just really frustrated since they cant find the cause of it and the Lightheadness is killing me its dragging me down. Cause I don't feel like myself all day now. Yet all the testing is coming back ok? Is this Anxiety or stress possibly? I will admit i have an higher level due to this situation and just no one seems to understand it.

I will admit i can get stressed easy but never had issues like this in past. It kinda all started with the winged scapula I feel its  the cause.

Hoping someone can understand this someday and kinda don't where to turn next.
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