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Losing my mind...

I'm a 22 year old female, graduated top of my class and have always been a very smart person. Don't do any drugs or have any health problems that I know of, but I have had a history of anxiety. For the past 6 months I've been experiencing problems with my thinking. It's like my mind feels slowed down and cloudy, like I can't think. I sometimes get my words all mixed up and feel like I have problems putting sentences together. I have problems focusing on conversations and immediately forget what was just said. My memory is horrible and I tend to get this pressure/headache feeling in my forehead when this feeling is at its worst. Basically, I feel like a zombie most days and its so frustrating. Some days are worse than others.I have been stressed out lately more so than usual, but I've never experienced anything like this. I just want to be able to think clearly again. Does anyone have any idea what this could be from?? I'm wanting to start college soon and I'm afraid this will make that almost impossible...I need help, bad!

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As the other two people have mentioned, you are suffering from anxiety. After prolonged bouts, your mind becomes sluggish and you feel strange, sometimes even off balance. I though there was something wrong with me, physically (my head) or mentally (i was going crazy).  Ultimately, this led to depression, i did not enjoy life anymore, to deal with my spouse, my kids and my job was a daily struggle.  Eventually i started to have severe Panic Attacks (mind racing heart racing, thought i was going mad or having a heart attack). I suffered from this condition for almost a decade. One day i attended a seminar sponsored by the Mid West Centre for Anxiety and Depression.  the speaker had gone through the same thing i had. I bought the tapes, thinking what do i have to lose, and it made a world of difference. The tapes first explain why you are feeling the way you are, then they teach you to think in a different way, to do away with negative thinking, increase your feelings of self-worth, etc etc.  after the first 3 weeks i had no more panic attacks, by the end of the course i would say that i had conquered my depression and my anxiety by 90%. I am still improving.
I would urge you to look into this, you are a very intelligent, imaginative, kind, considerate and good person, you owe it to yourself to at least look into this program.  I did  and it saved my life and my marriage.  May God look after you and best luck with your recovery. .
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Hi, I hope you do get feeling better soon, that way your well enough to go off to college.  I had basically the same problem/issues.  I'm a 23rd male, and last year of college.  But if you have a history of anxiety or you know that it runs in the family, I would definitely seek out counseling or seeing a psychiatrist.  After several years during my teens, I kept on having anxiety and panic attacks, and knowing that anxiety runs on one side of my family I was pretty sure it was anxiety.  Well I waited until just a few years back, when I found a godsend of a doctor and helped me get healthy.  During my earlier teenage years, I felt anxious all the time (more so in social settings), depressed quite a bit, and had a very tough time in school.  Not saying I did bad but I worked really hard for my good marks.  Come to find out after much counseling and seeing my doctor I was diagnosed with GAD or generalized anxiety disorder, major depression disorder, and two weeks before finals last year and after months and months of tests, I was diagnosed with adult adhd.  But to me my anxiety is always there it seems like and after finding the right medication I feel as if I can manage it along with all the other stuff going on in my life.  I'm not a doctor or anything but they way you say you feel reminds me of how I felt 5-6 years ago.  Especially with how you want to be able to think clearly again, and feeling like a zombie and crap memory.  Those were the big ones for me and I never thought things would ever get better and they just got worse and worse and finally I went to a psychiatrist who has really helped me get back on my feet and regain control of my life.  Hope some of this helps you, and hope you get to feeling better.
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Stress and anxiety will do it my dear.
Look into neurotransmitter and hormonal/adrenal imbalances, associated with prolonged stress and anxiety.

Another thing to check is your B vitamins, but I would recommend a homocysteine test for the neurological form of B12 (methylocobalamin)  and  folate (methyfolate).
Also have your tissue magnesium levels (not serum) checked, as well as you vitamin D3.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.
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