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Low vit d, high WBC, muscle twitching, full body pains. Help!

For well over a year now, I've struggle with low vitamin d (12 my most recent test last week) high white blood cell count (14,000 last week) body aches and pains all over, and muscle twitching. The muscle twitching is predominately on the right side of my body, from my face to my toes. The pains are all over my body, and I have constant weakness. I'm a 26 year old female. I also have some balance issues, as I lose my balance at least once every 30 minutes, though rarely fall. In the past five years, in the past couple years, while looking for the cause of all of this, my doctors have found I have degenerative disc disease, a bulging disc, which are causing issues with my sciatic nerve. I've had two cubital tunnel decompressions since 2012 (both arms done, most recent was may of this year), and fractured my left foot (5th metetarsal) in the same location, 3 times in 2016 alone (not sure how much of this is relevant, but hey, every detail could create an idea right?) I've been tested for Lyme disease (negative), rheumatoid arthritis (my ra factor come back fine/negative, partially ms (brain MRI to check for lesions, came back negative, did not have a spinal tap done as of now). No one can tell me what's going on. I've recently started eating healthier (past month), and haven't noticed much of a difference, bit more energy but still almost the same amount of weakness, and definitely the same amount of pain. I was recently prescribed etodolac, which has helped tremendously for the pain, allowing me to function much better on a day to day basis, but that's only a temporary fix. Does anyone have any ideas at all of what it could possibly be? Some of this info may not have been necessary, but I felt full background should be included. Any info, guidance, advice etc is greatly appreciated!
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I too struggle with vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D is essential for immune function..something I found out the hard way when I was sick basically non stop for 6 months when my vitamin D was down to 12 ng/mL (30 nmol/L) with cold, flu, serious case of bronchitis, strep throat twice.

I had vitamin D resistance from magnesium deficiency (magnesium deficiency causes a long list of symptoms that you mention actually such as pain, muscle twitches and balance issues).  You need magnesium to absorb vitamin D. Who knew right? And you need vitamin D to absorb calcium.  I kept increasing my vitamin D as I thought I had to do this to get my levels up. Finally I was up to 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day. Big mistake as this worsened my existing magnesium deficiency. smh

My magnesium issues are now sorted out but I've never been able to get my vitamin D levels up into optimal range (Vitamin D Council recommends maintaining serum levels of 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/L). The highest I've seen is about 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L) from memory. Now it's back down to 23.6 ng/mL (59 nmol/L).

Finally I've finally found out why I can't get my vitamin D levels up to optimal range - chronic stress lowing my stomach acid. So much so I know also have iron deficiency anaemia. Stress loves to deplete stomach acid. I am now trying to destress (I love ASMR videos..oooh tingles lol) and also taking betaine HCL with pepsin supplements to help increase stomach acid.

Years ago I posted a very long list of reasons for vitamin D deficiency..although did not know about stress specifically but that can be listed under malabsorption issues.

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I just reread that old answer...geez it mentions stress lol. And I thought it was just stomach acid issues...seems high cortisol is a good reason too.  Also mentions optimal vitamin D at 80 ng/mL (200nmol/L) but that has been updated since then to 50 ng/mL (125 nmol/L).
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