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Mixed anxiety and Depression Disorder

Since last 10 years I have been suffering from mixed anxiety and depression disorder. I took esitalopram and now I suddenly wake up at night (once a week or fortnight) feeling uneasy and unable to go back to sleep. I am 48 years old and its a family disorder. I stopped taking Escitalopram about 3 weeks back. What to do?
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I am not a professional but iam in the same situation with the depression and anxiety, i have been trying different things for the last 10 years i have finally found an anxiety med that works...i suggest u keep trying u will find one that works dont give up because the problem wont go away on its own.
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I have anxiety and panic attacks. I have tried several types of meds and they either had side effects or made my anxiety worse. I use dye free liquid denadryl. It works wonders for my anxiety. Your depression could be a symptom of your anxiety.
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Yeah, the two things tend to go hand in hand.  Benadryl is a mild sedative, and since it's needed for allergies anyway, it does help.  Also, be sure to have your thyroid levels checked.  Push for the full panel and not just the TSH and ask for the actual report.  You could have a slightly sluggish thyroid that is going to be more helped by natural medicine than by conventional medicine.  Thus, the reason for the full report.  Natural medicine looks at the thyroid levels in a different manner than conventional medicine.  The thyroid and the adrenals work together.  Likely, the adrenal glands are working over time with the anxiety disorder.

Google Terry Naturally or Terry Lemorand or Europharma.  One of those will take you to the right site, so you can find information by this natural doctor.  He talks about what I was trying to describe, and in a manner that will make sense to the average person.  By the way, the general way to naturally care for the adrenals is practically the same as the natural care for the thyroid gland, so it's all stuff you can do with the correct information.

Much of what he talks about concerning the adrenals really does help anxiety disorders.  How do I know?  I have G.A.D. myself.  So, no coffee or soda or anything with high caffeine.  By the way, he isn't against the green tea or the small amount of caffeine in green tea, just so you know.  Plus, if you have blood type "O", coffee is a no-no anyway.  Many with G.A.D. have allergies.  Did you know there is a relatively high amount of naturally occurring nickel in coffee?  Something about the way the plant grows and the soil it grows in causes it to take up the nickel from the soil.  If you have metal allergies, like to the cheaper metals used in common costume jewelry, you'll be better off staying away from coffee for that reason, too.  Coffee is also associated with aggravating metabolic syndromes.  People with anxiety disorders are prone to metabolic syndromes.

I speak from the heart and experience.  I do believe it is a good idea to test the thyroid AND the adrenals.  Even if they're in "normal" range, get the full report with all of the numbers for yourself.  You will need it for natural medicine, if you can find an affordable naturopath.  But, the information from the website with Terry Lemorond really will help.


Even though the adrenals are working over time, people with G.A.D. usually have low energy, so this article is a good place to start.  I also recommend signing up for the articles.
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Very interesting.I will be Checking this out.
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